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Expert Team on Impact-Based Forecasting and Warning Services (ET/IMPACT)


The Terms of Reference (TORs) of the ET/IMPACT, as approved by the Sixteenth Session of the Commission for Basic Systems (CBS-16, Guangzhou, China, 23-29 November 2016), are as indicated below:

Terms of Reference (TORs)

(a)        Building on the WMO Guidelines on Multi-hazard Impact-Based Forecast and Warning Services (WMO No. 1150), develop an implementation strategy which describes actionable steps and evolution.

(b)        Develop and maintain an expert resource to facilitate activities and projects in the area of Impact-Based Forecasting, including representatives from the social sciences.

(c)        Actively promote Impact-Based Forecasting by identifying a network of champions within NMHSs, sharing best practices through symposiums, journal papers and communication outlets.

(d)        Provide NMHSs with guidance on how to standardize Impact-Based Forecasting messaging protocols and formats (e.g. colour-coding, language, icons etc.).

(e)        Working with external users and stakeholders, technical commissions, regional associations, relevant OPAGs and Programmes of WMO establish user requirements for service improvements through science and technological innovation and implementation.

(f)        Evolve current methodologies for verification and evaluation to incorporate a focus on Socio- Economic Benefits.

(g)        Identify skills and relevant training needs for NMHSs and external users associated with wider implementation of multi-hazard impact-based forecast and warning services.








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