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Implementation Coordination Team on Public Weather Services (ICT/PWS)

The ICT is responsible for the overall coordination of the work of the PWS Expert Teams and oversees the implementation of tasks included their Terms of Reference (TORs) and Deliverables.   The TORs of the ICT, as approved by the Fifteenth Session of the Commission for Basic Systems (CBS-15), which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, 10-15 September 2012, are as indicated below:

Terms of Reference (TORs)

      1. Coordinate the implementation of Congress, the Executive Council and the Commission for Basic Systems (CBS) decisions with respect to Public Weather Services, especially those relating to “The WMO Strategy on Service Delivery”;

      2. Keep under review the work of the PWS Expert Teams and coordinate and guide their work programmes;

      3. Consult and collaborate to ensure coordination of the work of the Open Programme Area Group (OPAG) on PWS with that of other CBS OPAGs, Technical Commissions (TCs), EC Working Groups, Regional Associations (RAs) and WMO Programmes and initiatives;

      4. Continue to encourage stronger dialogue between National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) and development partners and users (e.g., media, health, emergency management) in areas relevant to PWS;

      5. Continue to encourage and provide guidance to Members to assert the authority of NMHSs as the sole providers of official high-impact weather warnings;

      6. Evaluate and report on the effectiveness of the information and guidance material produced by the PWS Programme, and the demonstration projects and other WMO initiatives to which the Programme contributes, in building the capacity of NMHSs;

      7. Develop and keep under review a competency framework appropriate to PWS forecasting and related activities;

      8. Collaborate with development partners and other WMO entities to assist NMHSs in the identification and assessment of societal, economic and environmental impacts and benefits of hydrometeorological services;

      9. Provide guidance to NMHSs in the provision of enhanced hydrometeorological support for major cultural and sporting events; and,

      10. Continue to promote awareness in the WMO community of material arising from the work of the OPAG.


Gearld Fleming

Chairperson (ICT/PWS)
Met Éireann (The Irish Met. Service)
Glasnevin Hill
DUBLIN 9, Ireland
Tel.:         +353 1 80 64 208
Fax:         +353 1 80 64 275


Prof. JIAO Meiyan
Co-Chairperson (ICT/PWS)
China Meteorological Administration
46 Zhongguancun Nanjajie, Haidian District
BEIJING 100081, China
Tel.:         +86 10 6840 6662 / 6146
Fax:         +86 10 6217 4797

jon gill

Chairperson (ET/COPE)
Executive and International Affairs Branch
Bureau of Meteorology
GPO Box 1289, MELBOURNE VIC 3001
700 Collins Street, DOCKLANDS VIC 3008
Tel.:     +61 3 9669 4219
Fax:     +61 3 9669 4473

john Guiney

Chairperson (ET/SPII)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Weather Service (NWS), Eastern Region Headquarters
630 Johnson Avenue, Suite 202
BOHEMIA, New York 11716
United States of America
Tel.:     +1 631 244 0121
Fax:     +1 631 244 0167


Mr Elliott JACKS
Chairperson (ET/DPM)
Office of Climate, Water and Weather
Services, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)/National Weather Service (NWS)
SSMC2, Room 13228
1325 East-West Highway
SILVER SPRING, MD 20910-3282
United States of America
Tel.:     +1 301 713 1858 x 110
Fax:     +1 301 713 1520

michel jean

Mr Michel JEAN
Chairperson (TT Humanitarian)
Weather and Environmental Operations
Meteorological Service of Canada
Environment Canada
2121 TransCanada Highway
DORVAL, Québec H9P 1J3, Canada
Tel.:     +1 514 421 4601
Fax:     +1 514 421 4600






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