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PWS Structure

Public Weather Services (PWS) is one of the Open Programme Area Groups (OPAGs) under the overall responsibility of the Commission for Basic Systems (CBS).   The other OPAGs of CBS are the Integrated Observing Systems (IOS), the Information Systems and Services (ISS) and the Data Processing and Forecasting Systems (DPFS).

CBS adopted the OPAG structure in 1998.  The work of PWS Programme (PWSP) is coordinated through an Implementation Coordination Team on PWS and three Expert Teams (ETs). These are the: Implementation Coordination Team on PWS (ICT/PWS); Expert Team on Services and Products Innovation and Improvement (ET/SPII); Expert Team on Meeting User Needs in Reducing the Impacts of Hydrometeorological Hazards (ET/DPM); and, the Expert Team on Communication, Outreach and Public Education Aspects of PWS Delivery (ET/COPE).

Commission for Basic Systems (CBS) Open Programme Area Groups (OPAGs) Expert Teams on PWS

The Organigram below shows the position of PWS in the overall structure of WMO including Congress, the Executive Council and CBS.












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