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CAS Technical Conference (TECO) on
"Responding to the Environmental Stressors of the 21st Century"

(Antalya, Turkey, 18-19 November 2013)

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The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is organizing the Technical Conference on "Responding to the Environmental Stressors of the 21st Century" (Antalya, Turkey, 18 and 19 November 2013). The Conference will be held in connection with the Sixteenth Session of the Commission for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS-16) which is scheduled from 20 to 26 November 2013. At the kind invitation of the Government of Turkey, both events will be hosted by the Turkish State Meteorological Service (TSMS).

High Impact Weather and its socio-economic effects in the context of global change
Water: Modelling and predicting the water cycle for improved DRR and resource
Integrated GHG Information System: Serving society and supporting policy
Aerosols: Impacts on air quality, weather and climate
Urbanization: Research and services for megacities and large urban complexes.
Evolving technologies: Their impact on science and its use (satellite technology and other
  remote sensing, computing power, social media etc.) including geoengineering.

The Conference will consist of key-note talks, oral presentations and a poster session. It will be co-chaired by Dr Gilbert Brunet of the UK MetOffice and Prof. Øystein Hov of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

In an era of rapid global change, humanity is experiencing new and evolving threats to sustainability. Many of these threats are related to a complex combination of weather, climate, water, and related environmental phenomena with a growing and urbanizing population. The 21st Century will be a challenging time in which many established practices will require modification to accommodate the limitations imposed by the Earth which has finite dimensions and resources. Policies and decisions that minimize risk and maximize benefits from favourable environmental conditions will require sound, relevant and well communicated scientific information on the atmosphere, its processes and the potential impacts these could have on humans and the environment. This information will range from enhanced long-term measurements and understanding of the background atmospheric composition to user-friendly weather and related environmental predictions ranging from the next few minutes to months ahead.

To give an opportunity to review some of the primary scientific and research challenges
   related to CAS that WMO Members are facing;

To highlight and discuss some of the focus areas of relevance to the Global Atmosphere
  Watch (GAW) Programme and its GAW Urban Research Meteorology and Environment
  (GURME) project;

To consider emerging research issues related to the World Weather  Research  Programme
  (WWRP) including the post THORPEX legacy projects, and the cross-cutting activities with
  the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP);

To obtain feedbacks from CAS members that can be  considered in aligning CAS  activities
  and ensuring their value for WMO Members;

To discuss methods to ensure the support and participation of WMO Members in the
  activities of CAS.





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