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CAS Technical Conference (TECO) on
"Responding to the Environmental Stressors of the 21st Century"

(Antalya, Turkey, 18-19 November 2013)






M. Hirtl, M. Langer, C. Flandorfer, P. Skomorowski

Operational Fully On-line Coupled Chemical Weather Forecasts for Europe

 Bulgaria E. Batchvarova, D. Barantiev, M. Novitzky Long term High Resolution Sodar Data for the Stucture of the Coastal Boundary Layer at the Bulgarian Black Sea Site

Costa Rica

J. A. Amador

Recent Impacts of Severe Weather and Climate in Central America

 Germany W. Fricke, C. Plass-Duelmer, W. Steinbrecht, W. Thomas, H. Flentje, S. Gilge Hohenpeissenberg Meteorological Observatory - GAW Global Sites


S.D. Attri

Augmentation of Global Atmosphere Watch Measurements in India


H. Koide,T. Nakamura, H. Tanaka, Y. Sannohe, Y. Iida, T. Maki

Current Activities and Perspective on Providing Global Greenhouse Gas Information at Japan Meteorological Agency

M. Kyoda

Recent development of JMA One-week and Typhoon Ensemble Prediction Systems

S. Kobayashi, Y. Ota,
Y. Harada, A. Ebita,
M. Moriya, H. Onoda,
K. Onogi, H. Kamahori,
C. Kobayashi, H. Endo,
K. Takahashi,
K. Miyaoka, R. Kumabe

The Japanese 55-year Reanalysis (JRA-55)



M. Mohamad, T.Ying Ying,
N. Zakaria, Mohd. F. Jahaya

The Study of Seasonal Variation of Aerosol Concentration and Physical Properties in Malaysia







M. Addor, S. Janun, F. Fundel, M. Zappa

An Operational Hydrological Ensemble Prediction System for the City of Zurich (Switzerland): Assessing the added value of probabilistic forecasts

C. Zellweger, M. Steinbacher, B. Buchmann

GAW Activities of WCC-Empa and QA/SAC Switzerland

S. König, A. Rossa, G. Seiz

CATCOS – Capacity Building and Twinning for Climate Observing Systems

O. Fuhrer, T. Gysi, X. Lapillone, C. Osuna, M. Bianco, T. Diamanti, M. Schraner, A. Arteaga, A. Walser, D. Leuenberger, T. Schulthess

Preparing COSMO for Emerging and Future HPC Architectures

D. Leuenberger, A. Haefele, P. Kaufmann, D. Ruffiuex, B. Calpini

An Integrated Now-and Forecasting System for the Meteorological Surveillance of Nuclear Power Plants

J. Klausen

Metadata for WIS and WIGOS: Draft GAW Profile of ISO19115 and Draft WIGOS Core Metadata Standard


S. Sudhibrabha, K. Hansprasert, P. Vanichnukroh, W. Kumharn

Atmospheric Aerosol Monitoring and Research in Thailand


V. Shpyg, I. Budak, D. Pishniak, P. Poperechnyi  

The Application of Regional NWP Models to Operational Weather Forecasting in Ukraine


B. Nishonov

Monitoring of Aerosols (pH10, pH2.5) in Air in Uzbekistan

WMO O. Tarasova, I.E. Galbally and M.G. Schultz

Long-term Observations of Tropospheric Ozone:GAW Measurement Guidelines

A. Petzold, J.A. Ogren, M. Fiebig, P. Laj, S.-M. Li, U. Baltensberger, Th. Holzer-Popp, S. Kinne, G. Pappalardo, N. Sugimoto, C. Wehrli, A. Wiedensohler and X.-Y. Zhang

Recommendations for the Interpretation of "Black Carbon" Measurements
WMO L. Jalkanen, G. Braathen, S. Nickovic and O. Tarasova WMO GAW Programme addressing air pollution and climate change

An Integrated Global Greenhouse Gas Information System (IGIS)



Climate Services for Megacities and Large Urban Complexes


WMO S. Nickovic

WMO Sand and Dust Storm Warning Advisory and Assessment System (SDS-WAS)


To showcase the activities and contributions of Members in relation to the six topics of the TECO, a Poster Session will be organized during TECO. Therefore, participants are encouraged to bring a poster with a maximum size of A0 Portrait to be displayed at the Poster Session. Should you have a poster, please send the title and author to:







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