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CAS Technical Conference (TECO) on
"Responding to the Environmental Stressors of the
21st Century"

(Antalya, Turkey, 18-19 November 2013)




Michel Béland
CAS President

CAS-16 and the Pre-CAS TECO: Preparing CAS, WWRP and GAW for Emerging Challenges

Session I - Integrated GhG Information System: Serving Society and Supporting
James Butler Implementing an Integrated, Global Greenhouse Gas Information System (IG3IS)
Heikki Lihavainen ICOS update –progress toward an ERIC
Lingxi Zhou GAW GHG Monitoring and Services in China
Session II - Water, Modelling and Predicting the Water Cycle for Improved DRR &
                      Resource Management
Laurent Dubus Sub-Seasonal to Seasonal Forecasts of Water Resource and Hydro-Power Production
Yoshiro Tanaka Disaster‐related Hydrological Index
and Emergency Warning ‐JMA’s challenges for disaster prevention ‐
Paul Pilon Disaster Risk Reduction and Resource Management – A Hydrological Perspective
Session III - Aerosols: Impacts on Air Quality, Weather and Climate
Urs Baltensperger Aerosols: Impacts on Air Quality, Weather and Climate Keynote
Gelsomina Pappalardo Towards an Integrated Aerosol Observing System
Vincent-Henri Peuch Aerosol forecasting and Numerical
Weather Prediction: where do we stand?

Session IV - High Impact Weather and its Socio-Economic Effects in the Context of
                       Global Change
Sarah Jones The High Impact Weather Project: a proposal for a WWRP research activity
William Lang Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century
Pascal F. Waniha Lake Victoria Basin Modeling and Forecasting Severe Weather
Session V - Urbanization Research  and Services for Megacities and Large Urban
Xu Tang Integrated Urban Weather and Climate Service and its Supporting Research

Alexander Baklanov

Urbanization: Research and Services for Megacities and Large Urban Complexes
Carlos Dora
Research and Services for Healthy Megacities in the 21st Century
Session VI - Evolving Technologies: Impact on Science and its use including
Philippe Bougeault Current Research Issues for Short‐range NWP
Alan Robock Geoengineering
Antonio J. Busalacchi The World Climate Research Programme: Grand Challenges for the Decade Ahead


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