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Pre-CAS Technical Conference on "Environmental Prediction in the Next Decade: Weather, Climate, Water and the Air We Breathe "

(Incheon, Republic of Korea,16-17 November 2009)




Opening Presentation

Application of In-Situ Observations to Weather, Water and Climate Issues
Ken Crawford, Vice Administrator, KMA

Session I: Future of Environmental Prediction

The Frontiers of Global Prediction
Martin Miller (unfortunately this file is too big to be posted. More than 33000 kilobytes)

The WWRP Long Term Plan including the Development of Regional Environmental Prediction Systems
Gilbert Brunet, David Parsons

THORPEX: Research to accelerate skill in the prediction of high impact weather from days to Weeks
David Burridge

Year of Tropical Convection: A project to improve weather and climate models
Duane Waliser, Mitch Moncrieff

Integrated Systems for Weather and Air Quality Forecasting
Leif Laursen, Alexander Baklanov, Ulrik Korsholm, Alexander Mahura

Session II: National and Regional Experiences and Future Plans

Weather and climate prediction needs for Africa and the African High Impact Weather Information System
Aida Diongue-Niang

The application of global NWP models to operational weather forecasting
Hilda Lam

Status and early results from the THORPEX Interactive Grand Global Ensemble and progress towards a Global Interactive Forecast System
David Parsons on behalf of Richard Swinbank

Nowcasting and short range forecasts of convective storms: The Korean Perspective
D-E Chang, Y.H. Lee, J.C-Ha, H.C. Lee, Y.H. Kim

The Beijing 08 Forecast Demonstration Project and Urban Prediction Needs in China
Liang Feng, Wang Jianjie

Numerical Weather, Environmental Prediction and Nowcasting for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics
Charles Lin, Jocelyn Mailhot, George Isaac

Modeling physical processes in atmospheric models
Song-you Hong (unfortunately this file is too big to be posted. More than 33000 kilobytes)

Research and development plan for RHMSS/SEEVCCC
Rakjovic, Dacic, Nickovic, Djurdjevic, Pejanovic, Janjic

Impact of Climate Change over Pakistan
Muhammad Touseef Alam

Adaptive Global Observing Systems and early results from the Winter T-PARC Project
Zoltan Toth, Yucheng Song

An Overview and Early Outcomes of T-PARC: Improving Predictions of Tropical Cyclones and Winter Storms
T. Nakazawa, P. Harr, S.C. Jones, D. Parsons

Outlook from the Data Assimilation Workshop: An example of a unique academic-operational partnership on education and training
Celeste Saulo

Session III: Poster presentations

Session IV: Environmental prediction interface with weather, climate and water

Chemical weather forecasting: state-of-the art and future perspectives
Greg Carmichael

Current and Planned Activities of the Regional Sand and Dust Storm Warning Advisory and Assessment System Center for Northern Africa, Europe and Middle East
Emilio Cuevas (unfortunately this file is too big to be posted. More than 33000 kilobytes)

Recent development of the Asian Dust Aerosol Model 2 (ADAM 2)
Soon-Ung Park (unfortunately this file is too big to be posted. More than 33000 kilobytes)

Towards European Scale Air Quality Operational Services for GMES Atmosphere
V-H Peuch,A. Simmons, L. Rouil, L. Tarrason, H. Elbern, GEMS/MACC Regional Air Quality International Team

Global Atmosphere Watch: High quality observations are essential for atmospheric sciences
Jörg Klausen, Gerhard Muller

Supporting Greenhouse Gas Management Strategies with Observations, Modeling and Reanalysis
James Butler

Long-range Transport of Air pollutants and Policy Making
Sonja Vidic

Emissions of NOx and SOx from Baltic shipping and estimates of their effects on air quality and eutrophication in the Baltic Sea
Tapani Stipa

Persistent Toxic Substances (PTS) in Ambient Air of the Russian Arctic
Alexey Konoplev

Impacts of Physical and Chemical Properties of a Storm from the Tropical vs. Middle Latitude  Contrasts in Instability and Humidity of the Environment
V. Spiridonov, M. Curic

Session V: Water: Prediction of flooding, oceans, and ice

HyMeX: an experimental program dedicated to the hydrological cycle in Mediterranean
J.P. Chalon on behalf of V. Ducrocq and P. Drobinski

The MAP D-PHASE Forecast Demonstration Project: Flash flood predictions through atmospheric and hydrological modeling
Willemse, Arpagaus, Dorninger, Hegg, Montani, Ransi, Rotach

Episodes of heavy precipitation in Tunisia: Flash floods of September 2009 in Redeyef
Mohamed Hajjej

Moisture Observations by a dense GPS receiver network and its application to assimilation in the JMA Mesoscale Model
Ko Koizumi, Koichi Yoshimoto, Yoshihiro Ishikawa, Yoshinori Shoji, Takuya Kawabata

A Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean-Ice System Modeling
Pierre Pellerin and several collaborators

Session VI: Visions for the future

The changing environment and the next decade of numerical operational prediction systems
CAS President, Michel Beland

A Perspective from the CBS Technical Commission on the Status and Future of Operational Prediction
Bernard Strauss

Globalization of air pollution
Øystein Hov

The International Polar Year and implications for improving prediction of weather, climate, water and air quality
David Carlson

Current plans and future activities of COST
Saskia Willemse for Sylvain Joffre

Summary session

Summary by Greg Carmichael

Summary by David Burridge





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