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GAW Global stations

GAW Global stations have the most extensive measurement programme in at least three of the six GAW focal areas. In many cases the stations are supported by more than one agency, have strong scientific supporting programme and provide facilities for intensive campaigns.

GAW Global stations are listed below:


1) Assekrem /Tamanrasset (Algeria)

2) Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory (Cape Verde)

3) Amsterdam Island (France)

4) Mt. Kenya (Kenya)

5) Cape Point (South Africa)

6) Izaña (Tenerife, Spain)


7) Cape Grim (Australia)

8) Mt. Waliguan (China)

9) Bukit Kototabang (Indonesia)

10) Minamitorishima (Japan)

11) Danum Valley (Malaysia)

12) Nepal Climate Observatory - Pyramid (Nepal)

13) Lauder (New Zealand)

14) Mauna Loa (United States)

15) Samoa (United States)

South America

16) Ushuaia (Argentina)

17) Arembepe (Brazil)

North/Central America

18) Alert (Canada)

19) Barrow (United States)

20) Trinidad Head (United States)


21) Pallas/Sodankylä (Finland)

22) Zugspitze/ Hohenpeissenberg (Germany)

23) Mace Head (Ireland)

24) Monte Cimone (Italy)

25) Ny Ålesund/Zeppelin Mountain (Norway)

26) Jungfraujoch (Switzerland)

27) Puy de Dôme (France)

28) Sonnblick (Austria)


29) Neumayer (Germany)

30) South Pole (United States)

31) Halley (UK)

Publications and Reports Related to Global Stations

19 June 2014:  new experimental service for NRT dust detection was activated at Monte Cimone GAW Global station (still in advanced test phase) at:

22 November 2013: first seasonal report concerning atmospheric observations at the Mt. Cimone CNR "O. Vittori" GAW Global Station is published. The Report is downloadable at the Mt.Cimone site





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