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GAW at WMO Congress XVI


GAW-CH Conference 2011 (the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH, Auditorium Maximum, Zurich, 18-19 January 2011.

WMO-GAW/IO3C/IGACO-Ozone-UV/NDACC meeting on ozone absorption cross sections, WMO, Geneva, Switzerland, 24 January 2011.
SPARC/WMO-GAW/NDACC/IGACO-Ozone-UV workshop on past changes in the vertical distribution of ozone, WMO, Geneva, 25-27 January 2011.
18th SPARC SSG meeting (Indian Institute Of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune, India, 2-5 February 2011) by invitation only.
Dobson Data Quality Workshop (Hradec Kralove, Czech Rep., 14-18 February 2011).
GRUAN ICM-3 meeting, Queenstown, New Zealand, 28 February - 4 March 2011.
WMO SDS-WAS/GESAMP Expert Workshop on Modelling and Observing the Impacts of Dust Transport and Deposition on Marine Productivity(Malta, 7-9 March 2011).
WMO/IAGOS Technical Experts Workshop on Requirements of In-Service Aircraft Aerosol Measurement Systems, WMO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland, 22-24 March 2011.

Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) on Reactive Gases (Malta, 29-30 March 2011).

European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2011 (Vienna, Austria, 03 – 08 April 2011)

AS3.8 Polar Ozone and Polar Stratospheric Clouds

AS3.9 Atmospheric composition: variability and trends

2nd “Tropospheric Ozone” Workshop:Tropospheric ozone changes: Observations, state of understanding, and model performances (Toulouse, France, 12-15 April, 2011)

Meeting of the Joint Scientific Committee of the Open Programme Area Group on Environmental Pollution and Atmospheric Chemistry (JSC OPAG-EPAC), Geneva, 27-29 April 2011

8th Meeting of the Ozone Research Managers of the Parties to the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer, WMO, Geneva, Switzerland, 2-4 May 2011.

LRTAP/EMEP Task Force on Measurements and Modeling annual meeting (EMPA, Duebendorf, Switzerland, 11-13 May 2011)

NOAA/ESRL/GMD Annual  conference (NOAA, Boulder, CO, USA, 17-18 May 2011)

TF HTAP meeting (JRC, Ispra, Italy, 6-8 June 2011)

The 8th International Conference on Acid Deposition: ACID RAIN 2011 (Beijing, China, June 15-18, 2011)

International Conference and Young Scientists School on Computational Information Technologies for Environmental Sciences: “CITES-2011” (Tomsk, Russia, 3-13 July, 2011)

Urban Air Quality and Climate Change Workshop (UAQCC)
A joint KlimaCampus-WMO workshop on Urban Air Quality and Climate Change
16-18 August 2011 (KlimaCampus, University of Hamburg, Germany)
6th International Workshop on Sand and Dust storms and Associated Dust fall, (Athens, Greece, 7 – 9 September 2011)

13th Biennial Brewer Users Group Meeting (Beijing, China, 12-16 September 2011)

3rd Urbino Symposium "AIR QUALITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE: Interactions and Feedback" (Urbino, Italy, 13-16 September 2011)

Final MEGAPOLI Symposium (Paris, France, 26-28 September 2011)

First announcement

SAG Precipitation Chemistry, WMO, Geneva, 26-30 September

The 26th Meeting of the CCQM - Gas Analysis Working Group (GAWG)
Opening Session on Standards for Atmospheric Measurements and
CCQM/GAW Collaboration ( Boulder, Colorado, 27th September 2011).

DRAFT agenda

The 3rd Asian GAW Workshop on Greenhouse Gases (Seoul Garden Hotel in Seoul, Republic of Korea, 29-30 September, 201)

     First announcement

The 10th AeroCom Workshop (Chikushi Campus, Kyushu University, Japan, 3-6 October 2011).

Aerosol SAG meeting ( Chikushi Campus, Kyushu University, Japan, 6-8 October 2011).

Workshop on Atmospheric Chemistry and Health: current knowledge and future directions ( Boston, USA, 12-14 October 2011)

CAWCR Annual Workshop 2011 Atmospheric Composition Observations and Modelling, and the Cape Grim Annual Science Meeting ( the Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, Australia, 15-17 November 2011 )

EPA/WMO/CCAD Central America Air Quality Forecasting Training Workshop (San Jose, Costa Rica, 17-21 October 2011)

GEO-Carbon Conference: Carbon in a changing world (FAO, Rome, Italy, 24-26 October 2011)

Ozone SAG meeting (NOAA, Boulder, CO, USA, 20-22 October 2011)

16th WMO/IAEA Meeting on Carbon Dioxide, Other Greenhouse Gases, and Related Measurement Techniques (GGMT) (Wellington, New Zealand, 25th – 28th October 2011)

    Second announcement

SAG Greenhous Gases meeting (Wellington, New Zealand, 29 October 2011)

NDACC, SC meeting + 20th anniversary conference ( Saint Paul, Reunion Island, France, 7-12 November 2011)

First announcement

Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases (NCGG-6) (Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2-4 November 2011)

SWISS GAW annual meeting, Zürich, Switzerland, 4 November

NDACC SC meeting and 20th anniversary conference (Île de la Réunion, 7-12 November 2011)

Second announcement  

3rd International Workshop on Air Quality Forecasting Research (IWAQFR)
November 29 - December 1, 2011 ( Washington D.C., USA)
2nd Training Course on WMO SDS-WAS (Satellite and ground observation and modelling of atmospheric dust), Antalya, Turkey , 21-25 November 2011
SDS-WAS Regional Steering Committee (N Africa, Middle East, Europe), Antalya, Turkey , 25-26 November 2011
WHO UV Index review, Munich, Germany, 5-6 December






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