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Session on Cities IPCC conference:

Guide for Integrated Urban Weather, Environment and Climate Services (IUWECS) and how it can best meet the needs of researchers and stakeholders,
6 March, 11:00 - 12:30



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!!! PUBLIC REVIEW: Draft "Guide to Integrated Urban Weather Environment Climate Services"!!!

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The Integrated Urban Weather, Environment and Climate Services (IUWECS) is a new initiative from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) that seeks to provide science-based integrated urban services supporting safe, healthy and resilient cities. As part of that initiative, a Guide for IUWECS is being developed. The CitiesIPCC conference provides an excellent opportunity to present and receive feedback from attendees on the guide because the conference falls within the period for open community review. The intent of the IUWECS Guide is to document the best available knowledge, technologies and practices for producing and providing the relevant services that cities require to respond to the hazards posed by climate change. Such services include a combination of dense observation networks, high-resolution forecasts, multi-hazard early warning systems, and climate services. These services should assist cities in setting and implementing mitigation and adaptation strategies, which will enable the building of resilient and thriving cities that promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Guide also plans to include a multidisciplinary approach to better serve the social-economic needs of urban areas, and identify the required partnerships to establish and sustain urban services, including research, city governments, international organizations, and private sector stakeholders. The session presentations will illustrate the best available knowledge/technologies and practices. Feedback will be obtained from participants on desired services, products and requirements for developing effective multidisciplinary partnerships among urban/city governments with meteorological and other key agencies.


 Session Agenda
  • Introduction on the IUWECS (15 min): Alexander Baklanov, WMO

    'The City-Know-how' (10 min for each demonstration city): to share cities' different local focus and spotlight on real practical experiences 

    Discussions (25 min): Moderator James Voogt, President of International Association for Urban Climate (IAUC) 

    • What are the new challenges?
    • What are the obstacles and motivation? 
    • How to integrate this information and services into local city management and development? 
    • Any new way to make public awareness and participation? 
    • What is missing in the IUWECS concept and need to be included into the Guide?
    • What are the gaps in urban climate/weather/environmental information that affect you? 
    •  What applications are most important to your city?









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