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UTLS Observation Workshop

Jointly organised by The Global Atmosphere Watch Programme (GAW),

WMO Headquarters, Geneva
24-27 May 2016

Deadline for registration: 30 April


Workshop starts on Tuesday 24 May at 13:00 Geneva time.

Workshop closes on Friday 27 May at 13:00 Geneva time.


Click here to download the agenda for the workshop


The aim of the workshop is to bring together experimentalists (satellite, aircraft, balloon, and ground-based), data analysts, and UTLS experts in order to synthesize the current knowledge of chemical composition measurements in the UTLS. We will discuss approaches that could be used to assess data quality and representativeness in a more comprehensive and integrative way than what has hitherto been done and across a wide range of measurement techniques and platforms. The main focus will thereby be on water vapour and ozone, but also extend to other trace gases, aerosol and clouds.

Key questions

  • What is the availability of observations from different platforms?
  • What are the instrument-specific measurement characteristics (e.g., accuracy and precision, temporal & spatial resolution)?
  • How can we assess the representativeness of these observations?
  • How can we intercompare observations with different resolutions?
  • What UTLS-specific validation approaches do we have?
  • How much progress has been done on trend analysis?
  • What may be the impact of changing dynamics/meteorology on UTLS composition?

Confirmed invited speakers

Martine De Maziere (BIRA, Belgium)
Andreas Engel (University of Frankfurt, Germany)
Masatomo Fujiwara (Hokkaido University, Japan)
Terry Deshler (University of Wyoming, US)
Alain Hauchecorne (IPSL, France)
Jim Hannigan (NCAR, US)
Michael Höpfner (KIT, Germany)
Nathaniel Livesey (NASA-JPL, US)
Gloria Manney (NWRA, US)
Jessica Neu (NASA-JPL, US)
Laura Pan (NCAR, US)
Hans Schlager (DLR, Germany)
Hermann Smit (FZJ, Juelich)
Thomas von Clarmann (KIT, Germany)
Kaley Walker (University of Toronto, Canada)

Registration form

Please click on this link and fill in the registration form.

Hotel Reservation

Due to a lot of pressure on the Geneva hotels in May we have not been able to secure block bookings at our regular hotels. You can find hotels in Geneva by consulting any of these three web sites:

The two hotels closest to WMO are Hotel Eden and Hotel Mon Repos. They are within 3-5 min walking distance from WMO. Several participants have already booked rooms or flats with AirBnB. If you have questions regarding accommodation, please contact Geir Braathen, WMO (

Local Information for Participants

Please visit the page "visitors' info" on the left side of this page. Then on the right hand side you can find logistics information.


Dr Geir Braathen, Atmospheric Environment Research Division, WMO Research Department

Tel: + 41 22 730 8235

We wish you a warm welcome to the UTLS Measurement Workshop in May 2016.

On behalf of the Scientific Steering Committee,

Geir Brathen, Michaela Hegglin, Thierry Leblanc, Gabriele Stiller, Johanna Tamminen, Susann Tegtmeier, and Christiane Voigt.







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