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Workshop on Measurement-Model Fusion for Global Total Atmospheric Deposition

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28 February to 2 March, 2017

WMO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland


Registration closes on January 13, 2017


Workshop Objective

To review the state-of-the-science and establish a GAW project on Measurement-Model Fusion for Global Total Atmospheric Deposition for the purpose of generating global maps of total atmospheric deposition and ambient gases and aerosol. 



The Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) Scientific Advisory Group for Total Atmospheric Deposition (SAG-TAD) is embarking on the production of global maps of total atmospheric deposition for a number of important atmospheric chemicals known to influence ecosystem health. The most suitable scientific approach for this activity is the emerging technique of measurement-model fusion for total atmospheric deposition (MMF-TAD).  This technique requires broad-scale measurements of atmospheric trace gases, aerosol, precipitation chemistry and precipitation depth as well as predictions from global/regional chemical transport models.  The fusion of measurement and model results requires objective analysis techniques that are also applicable to the production of global maps of selected reactive gases and aerosol species.  

National MMF-TAD projects are currently being carried out in Sweden, the United States and Canada.  The methodology employed by each country is different and not necessarily applicable to the global scale.  To assess the feasibility and to establish a project plan for a global project on measurement-model fusion, a group of experts will be convened to discuss relevant MMF techniques as well as global measurements (ground-based and satellite) and modeling methods applicable to the project. 


Expected Outcomes

A review of the current state of global measurements (ground-based and satellite), chemical transport modeling (global and hemispheric), and measurement-model fusion and mapping techniques.

Key recommendations, conclusions and a project plan for the GAW Global MMF-TAD project.



Workshop attendance will be limited to 50 participants interested in contributing to the workshop and the MMF-TAD project, including invited representatives from:

  • Relevant GAW Scientific Advisory Groups and World Data Centers
  • International science and policy programs with a need for global/regional maps of total atmospheric deposition, aerosol and gases

and invited experts in the fields of:

  • Measurement-model fusion for ambient concentrations of reactive gases and aerosol, precipitation depth and total atmospheric deposition
  • Global/regional measurements of wet, dry, total deposition
  • Global/regional measurements, modeling and mapping of precipitation depth
  • Global/regional measurements of reactive gases (ground-based and satellite)
  • Global/regional measurements of aerosols and aerosol species (ground-based and satellite)
  • Global/hemispheric chemical transport modeling.

A limited number of spaces will be made available for non-invited scientists whose expertise will contribute to the workshop.

Invited and non-invited interested participants, please click here to register.

Limited travel funds are available for selected participants.



Click here to view a preliminary agenda.


Hotel Information

There are many good hotels within walking distance or within a short tram ride from WMO, most of which offer UN preferential rates (please ask when you book). A few suggestions include: Hotel Eden, Hotel Mon Repos, Group Manotel Hotels (Jade, Kipling, Edelweiss), Hotel Drake Longchamp, Warwick Geneva.

One can also find good offers on hotels and other types of accommodation on the following web sites:



Silvina Carou, Atmospheric Environment Research Division, WMO Research Department, e-mail:

Robert Vet, Science and Technology Directorate, Environment and Climate Change Canada, e-mail:


Diagram from Vet et al., Atmospheric Environment, Vol. 93, 1-116, August, 2014





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