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Capacity Building

Education and training for GAW station personnel is an integral part of the GAW programme. The training activities are mainly focussed on station operators and scientists from GAW stations located in developing countries as well as from the stations which do not meet the measurement quality criteria. The training activities take place either at special training workshops devoted, for example, to data analysis and interpretation modelling and forecasting of air pollution in cities, etc. (see GAW meetings) or in the framework of actions and missions performed by calibration centres (CCs) and QA/SACs. While visiting GAW monitoring stations to calibrate the instruments the experts from CCs and QA/SACs use these opportunities to provide on-job training to the station personnel on specific measurements for which these centres are responsible.

More comprehensive training including lectures on atmospheric chemistry, meteorology and specific measurements as well as practical work are conducted at two specialized GAW training centres established in Germany (GAW Education and Training Center - GAWTEC) and in the Czech Republic (Solar and Ozone Observatory).

The GAW Education and Training Center (GAWTEC)

The GAWTEC is located at the Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhause (UFS) in Bavaria, Germany. The training is provided by experts from the German Weather Service (DWD), the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Atmospheric Research (IFU). The GAW global station "Zugspitze/Hohenpeissenberg" is used for practical work. There are two GAWTEC training sessions every year with the duration of 2 weeks and 10 trainees for each session. The major topics include measurement techniques (sampling, direct instrument measurements), analytical techniques (chemistry and physical measurement techniques), quality assurance and data analysis for the following parameters: precipitation chemistry, aerosols, CO, CO2, CH4, tropospheric ozone, NOx, VOCs, radon, solar radiation including UV, scatter coefficient and atmospheric turbidity.

The Solar and Ozone Observatory (SOO)

The Solar and Ozone Observatory (SOO-HK) of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) in Hradec Kralove is a GAW station with a long-term experience in operation of the Dobson spectrophotometer. The specialists from SOO-HK have been acting as members of the WMO advisory Ad Hoc Dobson Committee. They also have a special qualification on calibration, adjustment and repaires of Dobson instruments within international missions organized by WMO. A generalized PC software package for processing and management of Dobson observations was created at SOO-HK that is now widely used in the global network. To assist the stations, which are going to implement updated technologies on monitoring of total ozone, CHMI organizes training for Dobson operators at SOO-HK.


Specialists from CHMI have contributed to the development of the WMO/GAW website.



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