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Meeting of the WMO CAS Environmental Pollution and Atmospheric Chemistry Scientific Steering Committee (EPAC SSC)

WMO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland
15-17 March 2016


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Carmichael: Global Atmosphere Watch – Atmospheric Composition Matters: To Air Quality, Weather, Climate and More

Hov: CAS – overview and priorities


Riishøjgaard: The WIGOS Pre-operational Phase (2016-2019)

Richter: GCOS Status Report & New Implementation Plan

Stefanski: Collaborations Between CAgM and CAS

Ivanov: Aeronautical Meteorology

Dilley: Post 2015 international development policy agenda: UNFCCC and SDG 3

Foltescu: UNEP’s Air Quality work

Dora: International Cooperation on Health, Air Pollution and Climate

Monks: IGAC: Facilitating atmospheric chemistry research toward a sustainable world

Duce: GESAMP and its Working Group on the Atmospheric Input of Chemicals to the Ocean

Assonov: Stable isotope reference materials at IAEA: addressing the GAW’ Data Quality Objectives, areas for potential collaboration with GAW.

Peuch: The Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service - European with global reach

Peuch: SAG on Modelling Applications

DeCola: Integrated Global GHG Information System (IG3IS): Evidence Based Policy Support and Evaluation

Ruti: The quiet revolution of numerical weather prediction

Klausen: Big data What’s GAW got to do with it …

Klausen: GAW station reporting status - Implementation in GAWSIS







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