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Warning: This web page provides links to the data plots of selected parameters at a number of GAW Global stations (where those plots are readily available in near-real-time or close to that). To have a comprehensive picture of the GAW network or GAW data please visit GAWSIS (GAW Station information system) and official GAW Data Centres.

- Reactive gases at Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory (Cape Verde)

- Greenhouse gases at Izaña (Tenerife, Spain)

 - Greenhouse gases at Cape Grim (Australia)

- Nepal Climate Observatory at Pyramid: Real Time Data

- trace gas measurements at Baring Head, New Zealand

- Greenhouse gases at Mauna Loa (United States)

- CO2 mole fraction at Samoa (United States)

- CO2 mole fraction at Barrow (United States)

- CO2 mole fraction at Trinidad Head (United States)

- CO2 mole frcation at Alert (Canada)

- Ozone soundings at Sodankylä (Finland)

- Greenhouse gas data at Mace Head (Ireland)

- Real time data at Monte Cimone (Italy)

- Real time aerosol data at Jungfraujoch (Switzerland)

- Air chemistry observations at Neumayer (Germany)

- CO2 mole fraction at South Pole (United States)






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