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Warning: This web page provides links to the data plots of selected parameters at a number of GAW Global stations (where those plots are readily available in near-real-time or close to that). To have a comprehensive picture of the GAW network or GAW data please visit GAWSIS (GAW Station information system) and official GAW Data Centres.

- Reactive gases at Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory (Cape Verde)

- Greenhouse gases at Izaña (Tenerife, Spain)

 - Greenhouse gases at Cape Grim (Australia)

- Nepal Climate Observatory at Pyramid: Real Time Data

- trace gas measurements at Baring Head, New Zealand

- Greenhouse gases at Mauna Loa (United States)

- CO2 mole fraction at Samoa (United States)

- CO2 mole fraction at Barrow (United States)

- CO2 mole fraction at Trinidad Head (United States)

- CO2 mole frcation at Alert (Canada)

- Ozone soundings at Sodankylä (Finland)

- Greenhouse gas data at Mace Head (Ireland)

- Real time data at Monte Cimone (Italy)

- Real time aerosol data at Jungfraujoch (Switzerland)

- Air chemistry observations at Neumayer (Germany)

- CO2 mole fraction at South Pole (United States)

Near-Real-Time Data for Stratospheric Ozone

SAOZ data from several stations

Ozone soundings from Belgrano

Ozone soundings from Davis

Ozone soundings from Marambio

Ozone soundings from Neumayer

Ozone soundings and total ozone from the South Pole

Ozone soundings from Syowa

Ozone soundings from Ushuaia

NASA's Ozone Watch web site

Stratospheric ozone service of the MACC-II Project (TEMIS)

AURA MLS plots






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