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Quality Assurance Science Activity Centres (QA/SACs)

QA/SACs are responsible for the development and implementation of the quality assurance (QA) system in the GAW programme for specific atmospheric parameters.

Terms of Reference for GAW Quality Assurance/Science Activity Centres (QA/SACs)

  • Provide an operating framework for GAW quality assurance activities and calibration
    facilities for a specific variable and geographical area of responsibility (world, regional, national).
  • Coordinate the activities of WCCs and RCCs.
  • Provide advice and support for the local QA system at individual GAW sites.
  • Co-ordinate instrument calibrations and inter-comparisons and other measurement activities.
  • Perform or oversee regular system audits at GAW sites.
  • Provide training, long-term technical help, and workshops for station scientists and technicians.
  • Promote the scientific use of GAW data, and encourage and participate in scientific collaboration.

All QA/SACs can be found under "Central Facilities"




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