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The GAW Urban Research Meteorology and Environment (GURME) project

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The WMO GAW Urban Research Meteorology and Environment ( GURME) project was recently started in response to the requests of the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs). The lead responsibility for the programme rests with the Scientific Advisory Group for GURME. NMHSs have an important role to play in the study and management of urban environment because they collect information and have capabilities that are essential to the forecasting of urban air pollution and the evaluation of the effects of different emission control strategies. The WMO established GURME as a mean to help enhance the capabilities of NMHSs to handle meteorological and related aspects of urban pollution. GURME is designed to do this through co-ordination and focussing of present activities, as well as initiation of new ones. More details about the GURME programme can be found at the GURME web site. Please visit:


Material to the GURME Basic Training Workshop on Air Quality, Lima, Peru





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