Tropical Meteorology Research
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Tropical Meteorology Research

Mission of the Working Group on TMR

To monitor the implementation of existing priority projects within the Working Group and to further develop other appropriate research projects as the need arises, under the main programme components: Tropical Cyclones and Monsoons.

To identify and support the research initiatives of NMHSs in tropical countries generally including collaboration with groups in universities or research institutes, which are likely to lead to societal and economic benefits.

To keep developments in research aspects of the Tropical Cyclone Programme (TCP) under continuous review and facilitate the coordination of research at regional levels by maintaining close liaison with tropical cyclone regional bodies.

Structure of Working Group on TMR


Organization Chart



Chair: Prof Russell ELSBERRY (USA)



Chair: Prof C.P. CHANG (USA)


Working Group Members

chen photo
Professor Lianshou CHEN (China)

  • Chair of WG TMR: L. Chen (China)
  • Chair TC Panel: R. Elsberry (USA)
  • Chair Monsoon Panel: C.P. Chang (USA)
  • J. McBride (Australia)
  • J. Davidson (Australia)
  • H.R. Hatwar (India)
  • J. Kitagawa (Japan)
  • J.P. Lafore (France)

Recent Activities

WMO/CAS Working Group on Tropical Meteorology Research (22-24 March 2007, Guangzhou, China) WMO/TD-1393 WWRP 2007-4 (Report)

International Training Workshop on Tropical Cyclone Disaster Reduction (26-31 March 2007, Guangzhou, China) WMO/TD-No.1392 WWRP 2007-3 (CD)

Upcoming Activities

WMO/CAS Fourth International Workshop on Monsoons (IWM-IV) (Beijing, China, late October 2008) NEW!!!

Publications (Tropical Cyclones)

Statement on Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change

Summary Statement on Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change

International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones (San Jose, Costa Rica, November 2006) WMO/TD-No.1383 WWRP 2007-1

Publications (Monsoons)

"Global Monsoon System: Research and Forecast". Third International Workshop on Monsoon (IWM-III) (Hangzhou, China, November 2004) WMO/TD-No.1266 TMRP 70




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