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Forecast Verification Research

Mission of the Joint WWRP/WGNE Working Group on Forecast Verification Research

To plan and implement the verification component of WWRP;

To serve as a focal point for the development and dissemination of new verification methods for WWRP and EPAC, as required;

To facilitate and encourage training and dissemination of information on verification methodologies;

To take into account the needs of users so as to ensure the relevance of the practice of forecast verification;

To facilitate the development and application of improved diagnostic verification methods to assess and enable improvement of the quality of weather forecasts, including forecasts from numerical weather and climate models;

To encourage the sharing of observational data for verification purposes;

To encourage greater awareness in the research communitiy of the importance of verification as a vital part of numerical and field experiments rather than an "afterthought";

To promote collaboration among scientists conducting research on various aspects of forecast verification as well as with model developers and forecast providers; and

To collaborate on forecast verification with the Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE) and WCRP and in coordination with CBS.





Dr Barbara BROWN (USA)

Working Group Members


Chairperson: Dr Barbara Brown (USA)

  • Dr Frederic Atger (France)
  • Dr Harold Brooks (USA)
  • Dr Barbara Casati (Canada)
  • Dr Martin Göeber (Germany)
  • Dr Beth Ebert (Australia)
  • Dr Anna Ghelli (UK)
  • Dr Pertti Nurmi (Finland)
  • Dr David Stephenson (UK)
  • Dr Clive Wilson (UK)
  • Dr Laurence Wilson (Canada)


Recent and On-going Activities

  • NEW!!! Special Issue of Meteorological Applications on FORECAST VERIFICATION
  • Verification guidance and support for WWRP forecast and research demonstration projects (e.g. MAP D-phase, Beijing Olympics)
  • Documentation of recommended methods for specific applications (e.g., precipitation)
  • Workshops on new verification methods;
  • Education and outreach, including web tools and tutorials on verification methods;
  • Development of a real time forecast verification (RTFV) system;
  • User-focused verification approaches;and
  • Methods intercomparisons
  • Meeting of WG on Forecast Verification Research (Boulder, CO USA, 21-22 April 2008)
Tutorial Sesson 1 Tutorial Session 2

Tutorial Session during the recently held Third International Verification Methods Workshop (ECMWF, Reading, UK, 29 Jan-2 Feb 2007)

Upcoming Activities

Fourth International Verification Workshop (tentative Helsinki, Spring 2009)

To learn more about the work of the JWGVR please visit:




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