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3rd meeting of the WWRP JSC

(Monterey, CA, USA, 9-11 September 2009)




1.0 - Organization Organization and Guidelines
1.2 - Agenda

Annotated Agenda

2.1 - Management Report of the JSC Chair
2.2 - Management Report of the THORPEX IPO Manager
2.3 - Management

WMO Executive Committee (EC) Activities
2.3.1 - EC Task Team on Research

2.3.2 - Summary of 2009 EC Decisions

3.1 - Strategic Plan 3.1 Strategic Plan for the Implementation of the WWRP
3.2 - Final reports for completed projects


3.2.2 Beijing 08 FDP: Final report of JSC Outcomes of Beijing 08 FDP

3.2.3 Beijing 08 RDP (Research and Development Project): Final Report for JSC

3.3 Nowcasting

3.3.1 Report of the Working Group on Nowcasting Research

3.3.2 SNOW V10: Overview information SNOW V10: Draft Science Plan

3.3.3 Sochi 2014

3.4 Regional Modelling

3.4.1 Report of the Working Group on Mesoscale Forecasting Research

3.4.2 COPS and Mesoscale Predictability

3.4.3 Sand and Dust Storms (SDS-WAS) Project


3.4.5 WWRP RDP COPS Report 2009

3.4.6 Report COPS WG on CI

3.5 Assessing and Reducing Forecast Errors

3.5.1 Report of the Joint Working Group on Forecast Verification Research Review Forecast Verification, Casati et al. WWRP 2009-1

3.5.2 Report of the WCRP-CAS Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE)


3.6.1 THORPEX Highlights and Plans

3.6.2 T-NAWDEX

3.6.3 Indian THORPEX Campaigns

3.7 Tropical Meteorological Research

3.7.1 Report of the Working Group on Tropical Meteorology Research

3.7.2 Report of the WWRP Panel on Tropical Cyclones

3.7.3 Early results from T-PARC and TCS-08

3.7.4 Presentation and decision of endorsement of the SWICE project SWICE Summary White Book SWICE

3.7.5 Presentation and decision/recommendations on FDP involving tropical cyclone prediction Shanghai MHEWS Project including the use of GIFS-TIGGE Severe Weather Forecast Demonstration Project

3.7.6 Status of the Year of Tropical Convection (THORPEX-WCRP)

3.7.7 Report of the WWRP Monsoon Panel

3.7.8 Decision of endorsement on three proposed monsoon data centres: Center for Monitoring and Assessment of Extreme Weather and Climate Events in Asia Monsoon Monsoon Radar Meteorology Data Information Center Center for Monsoon Field Campaign Legacy Data Sets

3.7.9 General discussion on WWRP tropical activities: creating synergisms and avoiding redundancies

3.8 Societal Impacts 3.8.1 Report of the Working Group on Societal and Economic Research and Applications (SERA) and its establishment of a partnership with the ICSU/ISSC/ISDR Programme on Integrated Research and Disaster Risk
4. Visions for the future

4.1 Links to Hydrology


4.1.2 HEPEX

4.1.3 HYMEX-THORPEX Letter HYMEX White Paper

4.2 CAS Vision papers

4.3 BAM, Papers on Weather Climate Vision

5. CAS and Pre-CAS Technical Meetings

5.1 Pre-CAS Technical Meeting

5.2 CAS Agenda

6. Meetings

6.1 2009 meetings

6.2 Proposals for 2010-2011 training

6.3 Proposals for 2010-2011 meetings

7. Any other business  
8. Review of decisions and action items  
9. Date and place of next meeting  











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