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WMO's World Weather Research Programme advances society's ability to cope with high impact   weather through research focused on improving the accuracy, lead  time and utilization of weather prediction.                               


     Research and Development Project





This WWRP RDP aims to demonstrate the capability of nowcasting and mesoscale modelling techniques in support of the development of the next generation aviation initiative, namely, the Aviation System Block Upgrade (ASBU) under the new Global Aviation Navigation Plan (GANP) which was endorsed by ICAO in 2013.

           SSC Meeting (AvRDP-3)

3rd Science Steering Committee Meeting

Date/time:         6 & 7 November 2017

                       (Monday morning and Tuesday evening)

Venue:              CIC, MeteoFrance, Toulouse, France, Room 2

DAY 1 (6 Nov 2017, 09:00-12:45)

Welcome Remarks (P. Ruti, C/WWRP)

Welcome (P. Li, Chair, AvRDP SSC)

   Introduction of new members

   Adoption of Agenda and working arrangement

Report from WWRP Secretariat (N. Lomarda)

  WWRP Implementation Plan (2016-2023) - AvRDP section

Review of minutes of last meeting (P. Li)

AvRDP Status Reports

   Progress Report and Plan of HKG (P. Li & S. Lau)

          (additional file)

   Progress Report and Plan of JNB (E. Becker)

          (additional file)

   Progress Report and Plan of CDG (S. Desbois & P.Jaunet)

   Progress Report and Plan of SHA (Z. Zhang)

ATM Impact Products (P. Chadwick) - remote


Day 2 (7 Nov 2017,17:45-19:45)

AvRDP Status Reports (continuation)

   Progress Report and Plan of YYZ and YFB (J. Reid) - remote

Other International Projects

   NextGen Update (M. Strahan)


   Progress of Phase I

   Progress of Prase II

   Issues identified and possible solutions


   Revision of AvRDP activities in the WWRP

         Implementation Plan for 2016-2023

   AMSC2017 conference

   Additional Airport's Participation

         Plans of India

         Plans of Japan

         Plans of Russia

         Plans of Singapore

Future Work

   Drafting of Inter-Commission Aviaition Research Project

         Implementation Plan (2019)

   Next AvRDP Training Workshop (October 2018, venue to be decided)

   Next AvRDP SSC Meeting (AvRDP-4) - a 2 day meeting to

         follow right after the October 2018 Training Workshop

Recapitulation (including a review of all action items)

Closing Remarks (N. Lomarda)  































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