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Fourth Meeting of the THORPEX DAOS Working Group (Exeter, UK, 27-28 June 2011)


Recent [Global DA] Developments at the Met Office
Dale Barker

Adjoint sensitivity tool applied to satellite observations over land
Sangwon Joo

Limitations and strengths of 4D-Var and Possible use of a variational analysis in the EnKF
Mark Buehner

GEOS‐5 Data Assimilation and Forecast Impacts for Concordiasi

Ron Gelaro

Update on Satellite-Derived AMV Research and Developments EUMETSAT
Régis Borde, Jaime Daniels, Wayne Bresky, C. Velden

Cloud characterization for cloudy radiance assimilation
Lydie Lavanant, Arlindo Arriaga, Nadia Fourrié, Antonia Gambacorta, Giuseppe Grieco, Sylvain Heilliette, Fiona Hilton, Min-Jeong Kim, Tony McNally, Hidenori Nishihata, Ed Pavelin, Florence Rabier, Ben Ruston, Claudia Stubenrauch 

The Concordiasi Project Additional observations over Antarctica for NWP

F. Rabier, V. Guidard, S. Noton-Haurot, A. Doerenbecher, D. Puech, P. Brunel, A. Vincensini, H. Bénichou,  Ph Cocquerez, A.Hertzog, F. Danis, T. Hock, S. Cohn, J. Wang, C. Sahin, A. Garcia-Mendez, J-N Thépaut, A. Cress, U. Pfluger, R. Langland,  G. Verner, P. Koclas, R. Gelaro, C. Parrett, R. Saunders, Y. Sato
The operational Meteo-France ensemble 4D-Var
L. Berre, G. Desroziers, and co-authors

In-situ report Precipitation Surface Temperature and humidity Temperature and humidity profiles AMDAR GPS ZTD Lidar
Bertrand Calpini with input from, Roger Saunders, Richard Assmann, Stewart Taylor, Gemma Bennitt

Recent developments at ECMWF  Working  Group in Diagnostic: structure and role Carla Cardinali

Concordiasi 2010
Carla Cardinali

Impact study of AMSU-A/B data over land and sea-ice in the Météo-France global assimilation system
Fatima Karbou and Florence Rabier

Ongoing developments on radar data assimilation in AROME
E. Wattrelot and O. Caumont

An Overview of Data Assimilation aspects in HyMeX
Y. Michel and coauthors

DIAMET - DIAbatic influences on MEsoscale structures in extratropical sTorms
Geraint Vaughan, John Methven, Doug Parker, Ian Renfrew

Links between DAOS-WG and ET-EGOS
John Eyre

Hybrid variational‐ensemble data assimilation for the NCEP GFS
Tom Hamill, for Jeff Whitaker, Daryl Kleist, Dave Parrish and John Derber
Xuguang Wang

Jim Caughey

Assimilating infra-red sounder data over land
John Eyre for Ed Pavelin - Acknowledgements: Brett Candy

Report : Radar Data Exchange
Tom Keenan

Perspectives on Targeting
Sharanya J. Majumdar

T-PARC (Summer Phase)
Sharanya J. Majumdar, Christopher S. Velden

Overview of WWRP/WG-Mesoscale Weather Forecasting Research (MWFR) activities
Dale Barker

3rd THORPEX DAOS Working Group meeting

Satellite Issues relevant to THORPEX
Roger Saunders with input from Chris Velden and many others

Andreas Dörnbrack, Andreas Schäfler, Ulrich Corsmeier, Heini Wernli

Michael Tsyrulnikov

New experiments on WSR 2009-2011 with modern version high res GFS/GSI
Yucheng Song






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