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WWRP/THORPEX, WCRP Kick off meeting of Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Prediction
(Geneva, WMO Headquarters,
2-3 December 2011)


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Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Prediction (1-90 days) - A Seamless Approach
Gilbert Brunet

Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Prediction
David Anderson

Proposal for a Sub-seasonal Research Data Set
Frederic Vitart

Sub-seasonal Prediction at ECMWF
Frederic Vitart

Monthly Seasonal Forecasting
Alberto Arribas

JMA Activity in Sub-seasonal Forecasting
Yuhei Takaya

Verification Activity in Sub-seasonal Forecasting at JMA
Yuhei Takaya

Ongoing and Planned Activities in Sub-seasonal Forecasting at the NCEP
Arun Kumar

Environment Canada Monthly and Seasonal Forecasting Systems
Hai Lin

Sub-Seasonal Prediction Activities and Plans in CAWCR
Debbie Hudson, Andrew Marshall, Oscar Alves, Harry Hendon, Matthew Wheeler, Yonghong Yin, Guomin Wang

Verification and Metrics (CAWCR)
Debbie Hudson

Overview of KMA's Operational LRF Services
Hyung-Kyung Kim

THORPEX Programme
Tetsuo Nakazawa

WMO CBS Operational Collection/Display of Seasonal (and sub-seasonal) Forecasts
Richard Graham

Standard Verification System for Long-range Forecasts (SVSLRF)
Richard Graham

Design and Preliminary Results
June-Yi Lee, B. Wang, D. Waliser, H. Hendon, K. Sperber, I-S. Kang

Climate System Historical Forecast Project
Ben Kirtman

MJO Task Force Activities and Plans
Duane Waliser

Discussion on Applications and Research Projects
Andy Robertson


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