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Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction Project




Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Prediction - Research Implementation Plan

Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction Initiative Flyer (October 2012 version)


The main goal of the proposed WWRP/THORPEX/ WCRP joint research project is to
improve forecast skill and understanding on the subseasonal to seasonal timescale, and promote its uptake by operational centres and exploitation by the applications community. Specific attention will be paid to the risk of extreme weather, including tropical cyclones, droughts, floods, heat waves and the waxing and waning of monsoon precipitation. Work will be guided by a steering group that will work in conjunction with appropriate WMO bodies and other relevant structures.



Projects and activities





International Coordination Office


  • Contact point: 

Dr. Chung Kwan-young
Director of the Forecast Research Laboratory

Phone: +82-70-7850-6602
Fax:     +82-2-836-6755
e-mail:  kychung83 at


Steering Group Members

  • Co-chairs
    Frederic Vitart, ECMWF, UK
    e-mail: frederic.vitart at
    Andrew Robertson, IRI, USA
    e-mail: awr at

  • Members:
    Alberto Arribas, UKMO, UK
    e-mail:alberto.arribas at
    Harry Hendon, CAWCR, Australia
    e-mail:h.hendon at
    Hyun-Kyung Kim, KMA, Korea
    e-mail: hyunkim412 at
    Ben Kirtman, UM RSMAS, USA
    e-mail:bkirtman at
    Arun Kumar, NCEP, USA
    e-mail:arun.kumar at
    June-Yi Lee, Korea
    e-mail:juneyi at
    Hai Lin, EC, Canada
    e-mail:hai.lin at
    Yuhei Takaya, JMA, Japan
    e-mail:ytakaya at
    Duane Waliser, JPL NASA, USA
    e-mail:duane.e.waliser at

  • Liaison group:

    Jean-Pierre Ceron, CCL, Météo-France
    e-mail:jean-pierre.ceron at
    Caio Coelho, JWGFVR, CPTEC, Brazil
    Richard Graham, UKMO, CBS, UK
    e-mail: richard.graham at
    In-Sik Kang, WCRP JSC, Republic of Korea
    e-mail: kang at  
    Joanne Robbins, UKMO, SERA
    e-mail: joanne.robbins at
    Bart Van den Hurk, KNMI, GLASS
    e-mail: bart.van.den.hurk at 
    Steve Woolnough, GEWEX/GASS, UK
    e-mail:s.j.woolnough at

  • Administrative support:
    David Anderson, WMO Consultant, UK
    e-mail: dlta at

    The role of the liaison group is to ensure a good interaction between the planning group and other working groups

Past meetings and presentations


  • Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction Project Planning Group Meeting
    (Exeter, UK, 5-7 February)



  • Bulletin Vol 61 (2) - 2012
  • Dr J. Slingo made a presentation at the side-meeting of EC-64 on Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Prediction
    Dr Slingo's presentation
  • Meeting of the Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Prediction Project
    (Geneva, WMO Headquarters,
    22-23 March 2012)







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