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DAOS Working Group

Third Meeting


University of Québec, Montréal
8-9 July 2010




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1. Organisation of the meeting (P. Gauthier/R. Saunders)

1.1 Aims of the meeting

1.2 Adoption of the agenda

1.3 Working arrangements

2. Reports and actions (J.Caughey)

2.1 Outcome of ICSC 8

2.2 Progress with the mid-term review of THORPEX

2.3 Outcome of CAS-XV

2.4 Scientific leadership of THORPEX

2.5 Report and actions from previous meetings

3. Data Targeting (A. Lorenc)

3.1 Initial review of the DAOS authoritative statement on the impact of targeted data in NWP (to be revisited later) (PGauthier/RSaunders)

3.2 Observability of precursors to atmospheric instability (P.Gauthier)

3.3 Intercomparison of observation sensitivity experiments  (R.Gelaro)

3.4 Targeted thinning of satellite and aircraft observations (C.Cardinali)

4. Results from Winter Storms Reconnaissance Program (P. Steinle)

4.1 Summary of main results (Z. Toth/Y. Song)

4.2 Future plans on the reanalysis of the results obtained from WSRP (Z.Toth/T.Hamill)

5. T-PARC (C. Velden, R. Langland)

5.1 Observation impact in winter T-PARC and TCS-08 (R.Langland)

5.2 Impact of satellite data – especially QUIKSCAT and AMVs (C.Velden, S. Majumdar)

5.3 Impact of dropsonde and other aircraft data (S. Majumdar, C.Cardinali)

6. Brief Updates on Other Campaigns and Activities (R. Gelaro)

6.1 AMMA (F.Rabier, C.Cardinali)

6.2 HyMeX (Alex Doerenbecher)

6.3 T-NAWDEX (R.Saunders)

6.4 THORPEX Polar Project (J.Caughey)

6.5 CONCORDIASI (F.Rabier)
Invited presentation: The Polar Communication and Weather Mission (L. Garand Environment Canada)

6.6 YOTC (J. Caughey)

6.7 WCRP/WWRP THORPEX - Sub-seasonal – seasonal prediction (J.Caughey)

6.8 GEO (J.Caughey)

6.9 Data assimilation issues in the WWRP FDP/RDP the Sochi-2014 Winter Olympics (M. Tsyrulnikov)

6.10 Hurricane mesoscale satellite data assimilation (S. Majumdar, C. Velden)

7. Data Targeting: conclusion (PG/RS)

7.1 Perspective on targeting (S. Majumdar)

7.2 Review of the DAOS authoritative statement on the impact of targeted data in NWP

7.3 Agreement on publication

8. General Observational Developments (C. Cardinali)

8.1 Satellite (R.Saunders)

8.2 Use of IR sounder data in cloudy regions (F.Rabier)

8.3 In-situ (B.Calpini)

8.4 Radar (T.Keenan)

9. Advances in Data Assimilation (M. Tsyrulnikov)

9.1 Recent advances in data assimilation: summary from the WMO Symposium on Data assimilation in Melbourne (A.Lorenc, P.Steinle)

9.2 Report on ECMWF Workshop on Assimilating satellite observations of clouds and precipitation into NWP models (C.Cardinali)

10. Working group issues (P. Gauthier, R. Saunders)

10.1 Membership

10.2 Review of meeting outcomes, decisions and actions (PGauthier/RSaunders)

11. Any other business (P. Gauthier, R. Saunders)





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