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THORPEX PDP Working Group and WGNE Workshop

"Diagnosis of Model Errors"


ETH, Zurich
7-9 July 2010





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David Burridge - THORPEX update

Thomas Jung, Andy Brown, David Burridge, Christian Jakob and Martin Miller - Scope of the workshop

Ayrton Zadra - Polar processes and forecast error

Heini Wernli with contributions from:
Andreas Dörnbrack, Sarah Jones, George Craig, Maxi Böttcher, Hanna Joos, Andreas Schäfler, Matthias Zimmer, Florian Meier, Andreas Béguin, Olivia Martius, Sandro Buss -
Extratropical processes and forecast errors

John Methven - Using observational experiments to isolate dynamical processes and deficiencies in their representation by models

Michael Reeder, Pallavi Govekar and Richard Wardle - Partitioning of the Overturning Circulation in the Tropics and the Connection to the Hadley and Walker Circulations

Mitch Moncrieff - Tropical Processes and Forecast Error

Joao Teixera, S. Cardoso, F. Li, H. Su, D. Waliser, J. Jiang, J. Karlsson, and C. Bishop  - Global Model Diagnostics and Satellite Observations:Cloud Parameterizations

Martin Miller, Sandrine Bony, Jerry Meehl, Anna Pirani, Christian Jakob, Martin Miller,
Ben Kirtman, Stephen Griffies, Tony Busalacchi -
Community-wide Consultation on
Model Evaluation and Improvement

Andy BROWN - Challenges in model development

Veronika Eyring and Peter Gleckler, Sandrine Bony and Jerry Meehl - Activities and views of the WGNE/WGCM metrics panel and WGCM

Mojib Latif - Systematic errors in Climate Models

Mark Rodwell - Initial Tendency Diagnostics

Daisuke HOTTA - Applications of the Initial Tendency technique and Scale-dependent Verification

Keith Williams, David Williamson, Steve Klein, Christian Jakob, Catherine Senior - Transpose-AMIP

Sean Milton - Model Error Diagnosis across Timescales

Fanglin Yang - Diagnosing NCEP GFS Forecast Errors

Philippe Arbogast, Marie Boisserie, with contributions from:
I. Beau, H. Douville, F. Bouyssel, CH. Lac, D. Ricard, Y. Seity, R. Honnert, L. Descamps -
Activities on model error at Météo-France

M. Boisserie, L. Descamps, P. Arbogast - Model Error in the Forecast Ensemble
System at Météo-France (PEARP)





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