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Eight Session of the International Core Steering Committee (ICSC-8)

(Offenbach, Germany, 2-4 November 2009)


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The eight session of the ICSC will be held in Offenbach, Germany in the Deutscher Wetterdienst headquarters from 2 to 4 November 2009.

The main goals for this meeting of the THORPEX ICSC include:

(a) Re-establishing an appropriate scientific leadership for THORPEX

(b) Developing a plan for co-operation between WGNE and WWRP/THORPEX

(c) Reviewing the proposals made to CAS-XV

(d) Establishing guidelines for THORPEX Forecast Demonstration Projects (FDPs)

(e) Agreeing on the plans for developing GIFS-TIGGE prototype products

(f) Agreeing on the THORPEX Legacy from IPY

(g) Agreeing the THORPEX Programme of Work for 2010-2011





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