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Nowcasting Research

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To advance the science of nowcasting, including meteorological processes and predictability;
To promote and aid the implementation of nowcasting in the WWRP framework and within NMHSs and among their end-users, including the potential use of numerical modelling and assimilation of very high resolution data; and
To develop and implement RDPs and FDPs to advance the underlying science as well as to develop, compare, validate and exchange various nowcasting techniques, and to involve the operational evaluation outcomes.



Projects and activities






Working Group Members

Chair: Paul Joe, Canada
paul.joe at
Tom Keenan, Australia
T.Keenan at
Jian Jie Wang, China
wangjj at
Alan Seed, Australia
A.Seed at
Steve Goodman, USA
Steve.Goodman at
Marianne Koenig, Germany
Marianne.Koenig at
Yong Wang
wang at
Jim Wilson, USA
jwilson at
Ping Wah Li, Hong Kong, China
pwli at
Jenny Sun, USA
sunj at
Augusto Pereira, Brazil
apereira at

Past meetings, past presentations

Past meetings, past presentations





  • WWRP Preliminary Coordination Group Meeting for the Vancouver 2010 Research Demonstration Project (RDP)
    (Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, 26 to 28 March 2008)





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