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THORPEX International Core Steering Committee (ICSC)



The ICSC proceeded with the work assigned by the CAS, the WMO Executive Council and the Fourteenth World Meteorological Congress. This included reviews of the progress in planning and further development of THORPEX on the global and regional level, financial and administrative matters related to THORPEX management, the International Programme Office and the Trust Fund.



7th Session of the International Core Steering Committee (ICSC) (Geneva, 18 to 20 November 2008)



Representatives of Nations (Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Morocco, Norway, Russia, South Africa, UK, USA)

Representatives of International Organizations

Dr Lars Prahm, EUMETSAT
Dr Jochen Dibbern, EUMETNET
Dr Philippe Bougeault, ECMWF
Dr Gilbert Brunet, Chair WWRP/JSC
Dr Martin Miller, Chair of WGNE
Dr Jim Purdom, CGMS
Prof Geerd Hoffmann, CBS
Prof Jagadish Shukla, WCRP/JSC

Independent Senior Scientists and Technical Experts

Dr John Eyre, UK Met Office

One representative from each of the THORPEX Working Groups

Co-chairs of the THORPEX Regional Committees

Director of AREP

ICSC Permanent Actions

- To encourage WMO Members to actively participate in implementation of THORPEX
- To assist WMO Members in the international coordination of THORPEX
- To assist WMO Members from developing countries in their utilization of THORPEX - related forecast product
- To assist THORPEX in coordination with CBS, WCRP, JCOMM
- To facilitate the participation in THORPEX of other international bodies
- To provide the global and regional priorities with respect to the THORPEX sub-programmes
- To provide guidance to the NMHSs on the timely transition of THORPEX research and development to operations
- To identify and mobilize national and international resources, financial, technical and human to support THORPEX activities
- ICSC members and regional committees to provide quarterly progress reports on activity and plans to the Chair of ICSC and IPO.
- Regional Committees to submit reports to the Chair of ICSC and IPO not later than at least 6 weeks prior to session of the ICSC
- All THORPEX members to make annual contributions to the THORPEX Trust Fund in accordance with the approved budget.

Upcoming Meetings 2008


  • 7th Session of the International Core Steering Committee (ICSC) (Geneva, 18 to 20 November 2008)


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