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The Observing System Research and Predictability Experiment (THORPEX)

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Seventh Session of the

THORPEX International Core Steering Committee

(WMO Headquarters, Geneva, 18-20 November)

Doc. 1.3 Election of a Chair  
Doc 2.1 Report of the Chair  
Doc 2.2 Report of the President of CAS  
Doc 2.3 Report from the ICSC Executive Committee  
Doc 2.4 Report from the THORPEX IPO  
Doc 2.4.1 Third International Symposium  
Doc 2.5 THORPEX Management Structure  
Doc 3.1 Observing System Working Group Activities  
Doc 3.2 DAOS Working Group Activities Item 3.2 DAOS Report
Doc 3.3 PDP Working Group Activities Item 3.3 PDP Report
Doc 3.4 Report of the GIFS-TIGGE Working Group Item 3.4 GIF TIGGE Report
Doc 3.4 Add (1) GIFS Draft Plan Item 3.4 add 1 GIFS Plans
Doc 4.1 African Regional Plans

Item 4.1 African Committee Report Part IItem 4.1 African Committee Report Part II

Doc 4.2 Asian Regional Committee Item 4.2 Asian Committee Report
Doc 4.3 European Regional Committee Item 4.3 European Committee Report
Doc 4.4 North American Regional Committee Item 4.4 North American Committee Report
Doc 4.5 Southern Hemisphere Regional Committee Item 4.5 Southern Hemisphere Committee Report
Doc 4.6 TPARC Item 4.6 TPARC Report
Doc 4.7 T NAWDEX Item 4.7 T NAWDEX
Doc 5.1 WWRP Item 5.1 WWRP Report
Doc 5.1.1 SERA Item 5.1.1 SERA Plans
Doc 5.1.2 WGNE  
Doc 5.2 WCRP Item 5.2 WCRP Report
Doc 5.2.1 YOTC Item 5.2.1 YOTC Report and Plans
Doc 5.3 GEO  
Doc 5.4 IPY  
Doc 5.5 CGMS  
Doc 5.6 MEDEX  
Doc 6.1 THORPEX contribution to the WWRP Strategic Plan  
Doc 6.2 Expenditure 2009  
Doc 7 Working Group Membership  
Doc 9 Decisions and Actions  


Other THORPEX documents (Science Plan, Implementation Plan, ICSC-6 etc...) can be found on the THORPEX publications web page in the right column











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