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The main purpose of AREP in Weather Modification is to promote scientific practices in weather modification research. This is done through the WMO Expert Team on Weather Modification and through organizing the quadriennial scientific conferences on weather modification

WMO Weather Modification Statement and Guidelines (updated in the ET meeting in Phisanulok, Thailand, 17-19 March 2015) to be approved by EC-68


Expert Team Members
Position Family Name Given Name Affiliation Country Starting Date
Chair BRUINTJES Roelof NCAR USA April 2011

Member ABSHAEV Ali High Mountain Geophysical Institute Russian Federation January 2016
Member ALUSA Alex Government Kenya October 2011
Member FLOSSMAN Andrea Observatoire de Physique du Globe de Clermont Ferrand France January 2016
Member KHANTIYANAN Warawut BRRAA Thailand October 2011
Member KOREN Ilan Tel Aviv University Israel January 2016

Member MANTON Michael U of Monash Australia 2007

Member MURAKAMI Masataka JMA Japan 2007

Member THARA Prabhakaran Indian Inst of Tropical Meteorology
India January 2016
Member YAO Zhanyu CMA China January 2016


Register of National Weather Modification

  • Register 2007 to 2009


Past meetings


  • Expert Team meeting on Weather Modification
    (Phisanulok, Thailand, 17-19 March 2015)
    Final report







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