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2nd meeting of the WWRP JSC

(WMO Headquarters, Geneva, 23-25 July 2008)




  List of Participants
  Objectives and Guidances for WWRP speakers
doc. 2.1 Societal and Economic Research and Application Working Group (B. Mills)
doc. 4.3 Sand and Dust Storm -WAS Draft Implementation Plan (2009-2013)
(S. Nickovic)
  African THORPEX Science Plan
  THORPEX report
  Working Draft - Toward a Seamless Process for the Prediction of Weather and Climate
  Working Draft - The Socio-economic and Env. Benefits of a Weather, Climate and Earth System Prediction Initiative for 21st century
  EC-60 Doc 3.2.3
  SSC8 Testbed Recommendations
  WWRP NWG Testbed Resolution
  WWRP Strategic Plan
Doc. 7.1.1 Most recent outline of the WWRP Strategic Plan (P Dubreuil)
Doc. 7.1.2 Example of a chapter format for the WWRP Strategic Plan 2008-2015
(P. Dubreuil)
Doc 7.1.3 Format and time schedule for finalizing the WWRP Strategic Plan
(P. Dubreuil)











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