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WWRP advances society's ability to cope with high impact weather through research focused on improving the accuracy, lead time and utilization of weather prediction. The WWRP includes working groups, expert team. The function of the Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) provides the overall scientific guidance for the programme, identifies priorities and makes recommendations on new projects for the WWRP, such as High Impact Weather, Polar Prediction, Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction, Forecast and Research Demonstration (FDPs and RDPs).


  • 11th Session WWRP Scientific Steering Committee (WWRP SSC11)
    (Geneva, WMO Headquarters, 15-18 October 2018)
    Draft Agenda  new flasihing


  • WWR Implementation Plan Reporting

WWRP Implementaiton Plan Reporting HIWeather

WWRP Implementaiton Plan Reporting PDEF

WWRP Implementation Plan Reporting DAOS

WWRP Implementaiton Plan Reporting PPP

WWRP Implementaiton Plan Reporting S2S

WWRP Implementaiton Plan Reporting SDS

WWRP Implementaiton Plan Reporting WGTMR

WWRP Implementaiton Plan Reporting WG Verification

WWRP Implementation Plan Reporting AvRDP

WWRP Implementation Plan Reporting Weather Modification

WWRP Implementation Plan Reporting NMR WG

  • Subseasonal to Seasonal Project (feedback from reviewers future plans report)

S2S Gap Analysis and Future Plans Report

Sub-seasonal-to-Seasonal 5-year review

WWRP/WCRP Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Prediction Project (S2S)
Progress Report (Nov 2013 – July 2017)

Committee Members


Chairperson of the Scientific Steering Committee for OPAG-WWRP

Head Research and Development
Member of Executive Board
Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD), Germany   

e-mail: sarah.jones at

Focal point: DAOS, SDS
e-mail:  peter.bauer at

LEE Dong-Kyou, Korea Rep of
Focal point: TMR
e-mail: dklee at

Focal point: PPP, S2S projects
e-mail: randall.m.dole at

MORGAN Michael, Univ Wisconsin, USA
Focal point: PDEF, Wea Mod
e-mail: mcmorgan at

DUCROCQ Veronique, Météo France
Focal point: NMR, Aviation RDP
e-mail: veronique.ducrocq at

SAULO Celeste, Argentina
Focal point: HIWeather, SERA
e-mail: saulo at
EBERT Beth, BoM, Australia
Focal point: Forecast Verification
e-mail: e.ebert at

SBILL Siham, Morocco Met Service
Focal point:

  VOGEL Coleen, Univ of Witwatersrand
Focal point: SERA


Past meetings
  • 9th Session WWRP Scientific Steering Committee (WWRP SSC9)
    (Geneva, WMO Headquarters, 24-27 October 2016)

   SSC-9 report
   Documentation Plan

  • 7th Session of the Scientific Steering Committee of WWRP and joint meeting with THORPEX (18 Nov)
    (Geneva, WMO Headquarters, 18-20 November 2014)
    Documentations and Presentations
  • 1st Session of the WWRP JSC, Geneva, Switzerland, 23-25 April 2007


The World Weather Research Programme Scientific Steering Committee (WWRP SSC) has the following terms of reference:

(a) To provide the overall scientific guidance for the World Weather Research Programme (WWRP);

(b) To develop and review the science and implementation plan for the WWRP and a work programme aligned with the WMO strategic planning process;

(c) To review and assess the development of all elements of the WWRP, including major research projects, Forecast Demonstration Projects, Research and Development Projects and forecast evaluation methods, to formulate recommendations to guide further actions and to report on the progress of the programme to the president of the Commission for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS);

(d) To facilitate and prioritize weather research and development activities, which are planned and implemented through the project committees and working groups, to meet the objectives of CAS;

(e) To facilitate the exchange of information among scientists participating in the Programme and relevant scientific institutions and agencies, at the national, regional and international levels;

(f) To collaborate, as appropriate, with EPAC SSC, the Commission for Basic Systems (CBS) and other technical commissions, the regional associations, relevant groups and project committees of the Joint Scientific Committee of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) and, academia, users of forecast products and other partners;

(g) To delegate to each working group and expert team, as required, the responsibility to promote the timely exchange of information, data and new knowledge through publications, workshops, training activities and meetings.







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