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Nowcasting Research

Mission of the Working Group on Nowcasting Research

To advance the science of nowcasting, including meteorological processes and predictability;

To promote and aid the implementation of nowcasting in the WWRP framework and within NMHSs and among their end-users, including the potential use of numerical modelling and assimilation of very high resolution data; and

To develop and implement RDPs and FDPs to advance the underlying science as well as to develop, compare, validate and exchange various nowcasting techniques, and to involve the operational evaluation outcomes.



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Dr Tom KEENAN (Australia)

Working Group Members

Chairman : T. Keenan (Australia)

  • S. Senesi (France)
  • S. Loori (Japan)
  • J. Wilson (USA)
  • P. Joe (Canada)
  • J. Sun (USA)
  • J. Koistinen (Finland)
  • S.T. Lai (Hong Kong, China)
  • A. Pereira (Brazil)
  • C. Collier (UK)
  • I. Zawadzki (Canada)
  • S. Goodman (USA)

Recent and On-going Activities

Beijing 2008 FDP

WWRP-PWS Nowcasting Link Activities

WWRP/CIMO/GEWEX Radar Quality Control

Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting (QPE) Intercomparison Project

NWG Capacity Building

Australia, Palm Cove Training Workshop 2007

Second Latin America Training Workshop 2007

EUMETCAL August 2006

Third WWRP Nowcasting Training Workshop 2005

Upcoming Activities

Vancouver 2010 FDP/RDP

WGNR meeting (2008)

Nowcasting and Very Short Range Weather Forecasting (WSN09) Symposium (proposed - Canada Summer 2009)


Third WWRP Nowcasting Training Workshop (Pretoria, South Africa, 28 Nov - 5 Dec 2005) (Lectures)




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