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Red dots indicate locations of Tropical Cyclone (TC) Regional Specialized Meteorological Centres (Honolulu, La Réunion, Miami, Nadi, New Delhi, and Tokyo).

Background:One of the recommendations of the Sixth International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones (San Jose, Costa Rica, 21 to 30 November 2006), a quadrennial gathering of tropical cyclone researchers, forecasters and warning specialists from all regions affected by tropical cyclones, is to establish a working group of experts to develop a common set of metrics for evaluating the skill of seasonal forecasts of tropical cyclone activity and report on a central website hosted by WMO. In response to this recommendation, an expert team meeting was organized by WMO in Boulder on 24-25 April 2008. The meeting was chaired by Dr Suzana Camargo (USA) and attended by four members of the expert team and three invited experts. This website is to provide a self-consistent set of seasonal tropical cyclone forecasts, their descriptions and links to the original forecasts.

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