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Tropical Meteorology Research


Executive Committee

Chair: Prof Chih-Pei CHANG (NPS)


Dr Jean-Philippe LAFORE (MF)

Dr Ngar-Cheung Gabriel LAU (ChineseUHK)

Prof Richard H. JOHNSON (CSU)



Ms WONG Chin Ling (MSS)

Dr FONG Soi-Kun (SMG)

Prof DING Yihui (CMA)


Expert Team on

Severe Monsoon Weather

Co-Chair: Prof LUO Yali (CAMS/CMA)

Co-Chair: Dr Hiroshi UYEDA (NU)


Dr William BOOS (Yale)


      Prof Michael BELL (CSU)

Dr Moustapha SALL (LPAOSF)

Dr Todd LANE (BoM)

Dr Thierry LeFORT (MF)

Expert Team on

Impacts of Climate Change on      Monsoon Weather

Co-Chair: Kyung-Ja HA (PNU)

Co-Chair: Prof Paul ROUNDY (NYU)


Dr Tim LI (UH)


Dr Babatunde ABIODUN (CTU)

Prof Yukari TAKAYABU (TU)

Dr ZHOU Tianjun (CAS)


Corresponding Members


Dr Che Gayah ISMAIL (Malaysia)

Dr PNS KAMOL (Thailand)

Dr Dai Khanh NGUYEN (Viet Nam)

Dr Vicente MALANO (Philippines)

Mr Chi-Ming SHUN (Hong Kong, China)

Dr Mulyono R PRABOWO (Indonesia)



handbook  book launching

             The Handbook           During the Book Launching

We are pleased to announce the publication in 2017 of a new handbook intended to be the primary reference source for the training of weather forecasters in West Africa and is also suitable for students of tropical meteorology. The book, “Meteorology of Tropical West Africa: the Forecasters' Handbook”, is the product of a 6-year initiative of the African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis (AMMA) research programme, the African Centre of Meteorological Applications for Development (ACMAD) and WMO's World Weather Research Programme (WWRP). The Handbook does not only document existing good practice in forecasting, it is also an up-to-date textbook of West African monsoon climatology. It will be of value especially to students of tropical meteorology worldwide as it brings together recent research results and weather forecasting methods in the tropics. It could also serve as a template for other regions. Plans are for international agencies to make the Handbook material available to training schools in the West African region in formats suitable for the classroom.

Click here for the Press Release in French and in English

Click here for the Handbook's back cover


Monsoon Data Archive Centres

Center for Extreme Weather and Climate Events
(Beijing Climate Center, EAMAC, CMA, China)

Center for Monsoon Field Campaign Legacy Data Sets
(Colorado State University, USA)

Monsoon Radar Meteorology Data Information Center
(Nagoya University, Japan)

Publications/Published Articles

"Tropical Cyclone & extreme rainfall trends in east Asian summer monsoon since mid-20th century"  - CP Chang, Y Lei, CH Sui, X Lin, & F Ren (GRL Vol. 39 L18702)

"Large increasing trend of tropical cyclone rainfall in Taiwan and the roles of terrain" - CP Chang, Y Yang, & H Kuo (J. Climate. doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-12-00463.1, in press

"The Global Monsoon System: Research and Forecast" 2nd edition, World Scientific Series on Asia-Pacific Weather and Climate (April 2011)

"Climate Bridging Weather and Climate in the Research and Forecasts of the Global Monsoon System" in the March 2011 issue of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

"Abstracts of Papers for the Fourth International Workshop on Monsoons" (IWM-IV) (Beijing, China, 20-25 October 2008) ( WMO TD 1446) (WWRP 2008-1)

"Proceedings of the Fourth WMO International Workshop on Monsoons (IWM-IV) (Beijing, China, 20-25 October 2008) (WMO TD 1447) (WWRP 2008-2) [Preface]

"Global Monsoon System: Research and Forecast". Third International Workshop on Monsoon (IWM-III) (Hangzhou, China, November 2004) (TMRP 70) (WMO TD 1266)


Recent Activities

3rd Monsoon Heavy Rainfall Workshop (New Delhi, 22-24 Sep 2015)

WMO/CAS Fifth International Workshop on Monsoons (IWM-V)(Macao, China 28 Oct - 01 Nov 2013)               

Training Workshop on Operational Monsoon Research & Forecast Issues (Hong Kong, China, 01 Nov 2013)

2nd Monsoon Heavy Rainfall Workshop (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 10-12 December 2012)

International Conference on Opportunities & Challenges in Monsoon Prediction in a Changing Climate (Pune, 21-24 February 2012)


Upcoming Activities

6th International Monsoon Workshop (IWM-6)

(Singapore, 13-17 Nov 2017)

Click here to download the First Circular and Call for Papers (Updated 21 Jun 2017)                             

List of Invited Reviews

Registration for IWM-6 will open in mid-August 2017 (click here)   


An 8-session monsoon training workshop is being organized in conjunction with IWM-6. Details will be available soon on this page. 


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