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WMO Capacity Development Strategy

Capacity Development Strategy

Capacity Development Strategy (Approved by EC-64)


Implementation Plan (2012-2015)

Implementation Plan (2012-2015) (Approved by EC-65)

Annex 1  Definitions
Annex 2  Case studies
Annex 3  The CD Process, Dimensions and Quality Management Approach
Annex 4  CDS and WMO priorities
Annex 5  Categorization of NMHSs
Annex 6  Programme support for Capacity Development
Annex 7  Global and Regional Centres in support of CD
Annex 8  Resource Mobilisation Strategy
Annex 9  Implementation Plan Table

Case studies

Case study 1   Flood management in Mozambique
Case study 2   Food Security in Ethiopia
Case study 3   Lesotho
Case study 4   Agrometeorology in Mali
Case study 5   Aviation Service, Tanzania
Case study 6   Drought Insurance, Malawi
Case study 7   WIS/WIGOS Implementation in Kenya
Case study 8   Haiti
Case study 9   Service Delivery in Chile

Global and Regional Centres in support of Capacity Development

1. Global and Regional Centres for the Global Data Processing and Forecasting System (GDPFS)
   1-1. World Meteorological Centres (WMCs), Regional Specialised Meteorological Centres (RSMCs) with geographical specialization and with activity specialization
   1-2. Global Producing Centres for Long-range Forecasts (GPCs)
   1-3. Regional Climate Centres (RCCs)
2. Regional Telecommunication Hubs (RTHs)
3. Global Information System Centres (GISCs)
4. Regional Instrument Centres (RICs)
5. Regional Radiation Centres (RRCs)
6. Regional Training Centres (RTCs)


Resource Mobilisation Strategy

Resource Mobilisation Strategy (2012-2015)

Project Matrix



Past Meetings


EC Working Group on Capacity Development (EC-WG/CD)

1st EC-WG/CD meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, 13-15 December 2011


2nd EC-WG/CD meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, 21-23 January 2013




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