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Education and Training Programme

The Education and Training (ETR) Office manages the Education and Training Programme (ETRP), which serves as an advisory body on all aspects of technical and scientific education and training for WMO Members. The ETR Office contains two divisions: the Education and Fellowships Division (FEL) and the Training Activities Division (TRA).


WMO Online Course for Trainers of RA-VI, 16 February-31 May 2015 (Online Learning Event)
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ETRP Training Calendar for 2015

WMO Fellowships opportunities 2015 (EnFrRu, Es, Ar)

Guidelines for Applying for a WMO Fellowship (EnFrEsRu)

Competency Requirements for Education and Training Providers  (En, Fr, Es, Ru)

Guidelines for Trainers in Meteorological, Hydrological, and Climate Services (En, Fr, Es, Ru)










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