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Executive Council Panel of Experts on Education and Training (EC Panel)

Terms of Reference (Updated EC-66, Resolution 17)


(i)         The Panel will be chaired either by the President of the Organization or a designated member of the Executive Council. If the Chair cannot attend a session of the Panel, she/he will appoint a Panel member to chair the session in her/his absence;

(ii)        In addition to the Chair, the Panel shall consist of a maximum of twelve members, each of whom will sit in a personal capacity;

(iii)       The members shall be appointed by the Executive Council on the basis of their extensive professional expertise in education and training matters, particularly in the fields of meteorology, climatology or hydrology and take into account the need for the Panel to have an appropriate technical, geographical and gender balance in considering the most highly qualified candidates;

(iv)       In addition to acting in a personal capacity Panel members will be expected to maintain regular contact with regional association ETR Focal Points and technical commissions to promote cross-cutting coordination and information exchange;

(v)        Members shall serve for a period of four years and may be re-appointed for one further period of four years. No individual may serve for more than eight years in total.

Appointment of Members:

The Panel members shall be appointed by the Executive Council through a transparent process as follows:

(i)         The Secretary-General will write to all Members, with copy to the presidents of regional associations and technical commissions, advising them of the opportunity to nominate one person with appropriate skills for consideration by EC for the EC Panel of Experts on Education and Training. The letter will be sent at least six months prior to the EC immediately following Congress. Written nominations endorsed by the PR of the country concerned, or president of the appropriate regional association or technical commission, to reach the Secretary-General no later than 3 months before Congress;

(ii)        The Secretary-General will review the qualifications, determine whether they meet the minimum requirements needed to serve, and submit a prioritized list of candidates to the Executive Council immediately following Congress;

(iii)       The Council will appoint members of the Panel from the list of candidates compiled by the Secretary-General. The Council may choose to create a selection committee to review the list prepared by the Secretary-General. The Council will authorize the President to fill any positions that fall vacant during the intersessional period using the list approved by EC;

 (iv)      In accordance with General Regulation 35 (2012 Edition) the Chair of the Panel can invite experts to assist the Panel in its deliberations.

Administrative matters:

Financial support for participation by Panel members in meetings shall be provided by the Organization in accordance with General Regulation 37 (2012 Edition).


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