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Evecutive Council Panel of Experts on Education and Training (EC Panel)

Terms of Reference

The Executive Council, at its fifties session (1998) decided (EC-L, Resolution 10) "to maintain the Executive Council Panel of Experts on Education and Training to serve as an advisory body on all aspects of technical and scientific education and training in meteorology and operational hydrology with the following terms of reference:

    • To promote the education and training of personnel of NMHSs, particularly in developing countries;
    • To coordinate the activities of the WMO regional associations and technical commissions in the field of education and training within their respective areas of competence;
    • To keep under review the effectiveness of the education and training activities undertaken by WMO;
    • To review the fellowships programme, providing guidance and advice on actions aimed at strengthening the programme and its efficient implementation, and to advise on the preparation of long-term plans for the utilisation of trained staff within the Services;
    • To contribute to the preparation of the Fifth WMO Long-term Plan by providing input, comments and recommendations with regard to the ETR Programme parts of the Plan;
    • To recommend suitable WMO symposia, courses, workshops and seminars which are directly concerned with education and training;
    • To advise on actions for strengthening the existing RTCS and for monitoring their activities as well as on the designation of suitable training institutions as WMO RTCS;
    • To advise on the training equipment, material and methodology suitable for use by WMO RTCS, NMHSs and training institutions;
    • To develop criteria for the review and analysis of RTCS activities and carry out an evaluation of each RMTC every two financial periods (eight years);
    • To collaborate with the education and training organizations such as SCHOTI, and other international organizations (the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO), the International Labour Organization (ILO), UNDP and UNESCO) in their respective education and training activities in meteorology, hydrology and related fields;
    • To consider any other matters relating to education and training which the Executive Council may specifically request;

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