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This page provides the current status for competencies being developed by the WMO Technical Commissions.

Competencies Framework for PWS Forecasters and Advisors
A Competency Framework for Public Weather Service Forecasters and Advisors has been approved by CBS and will be considered at Cg-17 for inclusion into the WMO Tech Regs (WMO No. 49 Vol1) as Recommended Practises. Included are competency requirements for PWS Forecasters; Weather Broadcasters and Communicators; Advisors Engaged in  User interaction, Media Liason, and Outreach Activities; Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Weather Advisors; and Persons Engaged in the Innovation, Improvement and Delivery of Meteorological and hydrological Services and Products.

Competency Requirements for Education and Training Providers
The EC Panel of Experts on Education and Training have proposed the following competency requirements for regional and national training personnel. (En, Fr, Es, Ru) Also available is the accompanying Guidelines for Trainers in Meteorological, Hydrological, and Climate Services, which supports development of the competencies.

Competencies for Aeronautical Meteorological Personnel
The Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology has approved competency standards for the education and training of personnel involved in the provision of meteorological services to air navigation. For more information on the competencies, competency assessment, and supporting training resources, visit the CAeM Moodle site, select Regulatory and Reference Material, login as Guest, and view sections 2 and 3. Also see the Aeronautical Meteorology Programme.

Competency Requirements for operating and exploiting the WMO Information System (WIS)
In October 2013 a workshop was held to define competencies and develop curriculum plans for WIS. The workshop working documents are now available, including draft competencies and learning guides, and can be found on the WIS-WIKI.

Competencies for Marine Meteorological Personnel
A task team of the Joint Commission for Oceanography and Meteorology has completed a draft set of competencies, which are made available on the JCOMM site.

Competencies for Climate Services Personnel
An expert team of the Commission for Climatology have drafted competencies for personnel involved in providing products and information for national climatogical services.Their draft competencies were be reviewed by the commission in July, 2014. New high-level competencies are now proposed for further development by the OPACE-V (Capacity Development) team.









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