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This page provides the current status for competencies being developed by the WMO Technical Commissions.

Competency Requirements for Education and Training Providers
The EC Panel of Experts on Education and Training have proposed the following competency requirements for regional and national training personnel. (En, Fr, Es, Ru)

Competencies for Aeronautical Meteorological Personnel
The Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology has approved competency standards for the education and training of personnel involved in the provision of meteorological services to air navigation. For more information visit the Aeronautical Meteorology Programme.

Competencies for Marine Meteorological Personnel
The Joint Commission for Oceanography and Meteorology will be considering the development of competencies at their session in May 2012.

Competencies for Climatological Personnel
The Commission for Climatology have requested one of their OPACES to develop competencies and qualifications for personnel involved in providing climatogical services.









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