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Coordination and activities


  • ETRP is implemented under the coordination and guidance of the Executive Council Panel of Experts on Education and Training (EC Panel) which serves as an advisory body on all aspects of technical and scientific education and training in meteorology and operational hydrology.

  • Collaboration and cooperation are being promoted with education-related programmes of other organization. A Special Partnership is maintained with the Standing Conference of the Heads of Training Institutions of National Meteorological Services (SCHOTI).

  • ETRP is managed by the Education and Training Department (ETR) in the WMO Secretariat. A Training Management Team (TMT) was established for the cross Programme coordination of all training activites.

Main activities

  • Regular worldwide surveys of Members' training needs, requirements and opportunities;

  • Monitoring and support to the functioning of a network of 23 designated WMO RTCs which play a key role in education and training for Members,

  • Organizing/co-sponsorship of training courses, workshops and seminars;

  • Preparation and dissemination of training materials and running of a Training Library including a Virtual Training Library;

  • Provision of long-term and short-term fellowships financed from the WMO Voluntary Cooperation Programme (VCP), the WMO Regular Budget, Trust Funds and UNDP Projects;

  • Support to School and Popular Meteorological, Hydrological and Oceanographic Education;

  • Collaboration and cooperation with partners including other interested International Organizations, Institutions and Non-governmental organizations.




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