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Extreme Weather Impacts on European Networks of Transport (EWENT)

Final Dissemination Seminar
29-30 May 2012, WMO, Geneva

Tuesday 29 May
13.00 Welcome addresses; working arrangements  
13:30 Keynote Presentation

Mr Philippe Crist, OECD International Transport Forum

14.00 Adverse weather affecting transport in EU: present climatology and future outlook

Dr Heikki Tuomenvirta, Finnish Meteorological Institute

14.30 Impacts and consequences of adverse weather

Dr Thorsten Muehlhausen, German Aerospace Center

15.30 Special issue: inland waterways and extreme weather – EWENT and ECCONET projects results

Dr Juha Schweighofer, via donau, Austria

16.00 Special issue: Freight and logistics

Dr Johanna Ludvigsen, Institute of Transport Economics, Norway

16.30 Cost estimation of extreme weather events across EU27

Mr Marko Nokkala, Technological Research Centre of Finland

17.00 Enhancements of the European Severe Weather Database

Ms Kathrin Riemann-Campe, European Severe Storms Laboratory


Discussion and closing of the first day

Wednesday 30 May
09.00 Weather-induced vulnerability and adaptation options - findings from the WEATHER project

Dr Claus Doll, Fraunhofer Institut

09.30 Risk panorama for extreme weather – what phenomena and consequences should be in the focus?

Ms Riitta Molarius, Technological Research Centre of Finland

10.00 Adaptation and mitigation options for the EU, member states and local governments Dr Pirkko Saarikivi, Foreca Consulting Ltd.
11.00 EWENT outputs and materials – a summary and utilisation potential

Dr Pekka Leviäkangas, Technological Research Centre of Finland

11.30 Stakeholders views: European Investment Bank Ms Yasmine Pagni, EIB
12.00 Stakeholders views: Transport & Mobility Leuven Mr Tim Breemersch, T&M Leuven
12.30 Wrap-up and discussion  
13.00 Closure  









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