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Farewell ceremony for retiring German PR
- New German PR inaugurated

On 12 July 2010, the German Minister of Transport, Dr Peter Ramsauer, honored the former president of Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) Mr Wolfgang Kusch in a festive act with more than 200 invited guests. He bid farewell to the retiree by saying “You have prepared DWD for the future and you were an internationally important and honorable ambassador of Germany in the field of meteorology”.

Minister Ramsauer stressed the importance of DWD, especially in cases such as the volcanic ash cloud, where the reliance on the profound knowledge of DWD was a necessity. Later, the minister inaugurated Prof. Dr. Gerhard Adrian as the new president of the weather service. He will therefore also become the new Permanent Representative of Germany with WMO.


Adrian, Ramsauer, Kusch

(Left to right: Prof. Dr. Adrian, Dr. Ramsauer, Mr. Kusch)






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