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RA VI Management Group

The RA VI Management Group (RAVI/MG) has been re-established by the XV Session of RA-VI (Brussels, September 2009) through its Resolution 3.

The RAVI/MG will advise the president and coordinate the activities of the Association during the intersession period and will have major focus on the WMO Strategic Plan Expected Results:

ER 9

Enhanced capabilities of NMHSs in developing countries, particularly least developed cuntries, to fulfill their mandates

ER 10

Effective and efficient functioning of constituent bodies

ER 11

Effective and efficient management performance and oversight of the Organization

Management Group
Name Position

Mr Ivan Cacic
Mr Kreso Pandzic

RA VI President – Chair of MG

Ms Vida Auguliene
Mr Juozas Karkozas

RA VI Vice-president

Mr Gerhard Adrian

PR of Germany with WMO

Mr Petteri Taalas

PR of Finland with WMO

Ms Henia Berkovich

PR of Israel with WMO

Mr Alexander Frolov

PR of Russian Federation with WMO (on behalf of CIS/ICH Members)

Mr Markku Puupponen

Co-chair of the WG on Climate and Hydrology on hydrology-related matters and Hydrological Advisor to the President of RA VI

Ms Anahit Hovsepyan

Co-chair of the WG on Climate and Hydrology on climate-related matters

Mr Jochen Dibbern

Chair of the WG on Technology Development and Implementation

Mr Axel Thomalla

Chair of the WG on Service Delivery and Partnership

Supporting WMO Secretariat

Mr Dimitar Ivanov


Mrs Natalia Berghi


The RA VI/MG at its second meeting (17-18 February 2010) decided to re-establish its Task Team on RA VI Strategic and Action Plan (TT/SPAP)

Documents and Reports of RA VI/MG meetings:

- MG/2 Meeting Feb 2010

- MG/3 Meeting Jun 2010

- MG/4 Meeting Mar 2011

- MG/5 Meeting May 2011 (during Cg-XVI)

- MG/6 Meeting April 2012

- MG/7 Meeting February 2013



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