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RA VI Management Group

The RA VI Management Group (RA6-MG) has been re-established by the XVI Session of RA-VI (Helsinki, September 2013) through its Resolution 5.3/1 .

The RA6-MG will advise and assist the president in planning and coordinating the activities of the Association during the intersession period. The TORs of RA6-MG are as follows:


To advise and assist the president of RA VI on all matters related to the work of the Association, in particular:

      • On emerging matters requiring actions during the intersessional period;
      • In prioritizing, planning, coordinating and actively managing the work of the Association and its subsidiary bodies, as well as to monitor the progress in accordance with the established work programme;
      • In ensuring adequate internal structure, including establishment of relevant task teams on proposals by the chairpersons of the working groups, and working methods of the Association, and make necessary adjustments as needed to achieve the desired outcomes;
      • In addressing emerging issues and challenges as identified by Regional Association VI at its sixteenth session, and ensuring that these issues are adequately included in the work programmes of the working groups;
      • In ensuring continuity of the strategic planning process and developing coordinated regional inputs for the future WMO Strategic Plan and related Operating Plan, including regional priorities and key outcomes;
      • In maintaining and promoting partnership and collaboration with other international and regional partner organizations, such as the ECMWF, EUMETSAT, EUMETNET, the Interstate Council on Hydrometeorology of the Commonwealth of Independent State (ICH/CIS), other organizations and research institutes contributing to different WMO Programmes;
      • In seeking ways of improved coordination with relevant bodies of the European Union to foster participation and representation of Members in relevant programmes and activities;

To coordinate and monitor the implementation of the RA VI Operating Plan and other regional implementation plans approved by the president; to assess and evaluate the performance of Regional Association VI as per the WMO Strategic Plan;


To oversee, in collaboration with Secretariat, the activities of the Regional Centres (RSMCs, RCCs, RICs, WIS centres, RTCs, etc.);


To coordinate the activities of the Association and its subsidiary bodies with respect to cross-cutting issues, such as the implementation of GFCS, disaster risk reduction, and the capacity development, taking into account the needs of the Members and the existing resources and capacity-development mechanisms;


To address on a systematic basis the need for harmonization of the capabilities for provision of meteorological, climatological and hydrological services between different subregions;

Management Group
Name Position

Mr Ivan Cacic

RA VI President and Chair of MG; PR of Croatia with WMO

Ms Vida Auguliene

RA VI Vice-president; PR of Lithuania with WMO

Mr Petteri Taalas

PR of Finland with WMO

Mr Gerhard Adrian

PR of Germany with WMO

Ms Henia Berkovich

PR of Israel with WMO

Mr Jorge Miguel De Miranda

PR of Portugal with WMO

Mr Alexander Frolov

PR of Russian Federation with WMO

Mr Ismail Günes

PR of Turkey with WMO

Mr Dominique Berod

Co-chair on hydrology-related matters of the WG on Climate and Hydrology and Hydrological Advisor to the RA VI president

Mr Ernesto Rodriguez Camino

Co-chair on climate-related matters of the WG on Climate and Hydrology

Mr Dieter Schroeder

Chair of the WG on Technology Development and Implementation

Mr Axel Thomalla

Chair of the WG on Service Delivery and Partnership


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