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Working Group
on Climate and Hydrology

The Working Group on Climate and Hydrology (WG/CH) has been established by the XV Session of RA-VI (Brussels, September 2009) through its Resolution 4 (XV-RA VI).

The major focus of WG/CH is on the WMO Strategic Plan Expected Results:

ER 2

Enhanced capabilities of Members to provide better climate predictions and assessments

ER 3

Enhanced capabilities of Members to provide better hydrological forecasts and assessments

ER 7

Enhanced capabilities of Members to provide and use weather, climate, water and environmental applications and services

WG/CH - Composition

Anahit Hovsepyan (Armenia)

Co-chair for Climate

Markku Puupponen (Finland)

Co-chair for Hydrology

Stefan Rosner (Germany)

Core member

Jose Antonio Guijarro (Spain)

Core member

Ali Umran Komuscu (Turkey)

Core member

Dmitry Kiktev (Russian Federation)

Core member

Josef Eitzinger (Austria)

Core member

Dominique Berod (Switzerland)

Core member

Ilmar Karro (Sweden)  

Core member

Giuseppina Monacelli (Italy)

Core member

Bogdan Ozga-Zielinski (Poland)

Core member

Caroline Wittwer (France)

Core member

Task Teams
Task Team Leaders

Task Team on Regional Climate Centres (TT/RCC)

Stefan Rosner

Task Team on Drought Management (TT/DM)*

Ali Umran Komuscu

Task Team on Data Rescue (TT/DARE)

Jose Antonio Guijarro

Task Team on Agrometeorology (TT/AGM)

Josef Eitzinger

Task Team on Hydrometry (TT/HMETRY)

Dominique Berod

Task Team on Flood Forecasting and Warnings (TT/FFW)

Ilmar Karro

Task Team on Potential Extreme Floods (TT/PEF)

Bogdan Ozga-Zielinski

Task Team on Water Scarcity and Drought (TT/WSD)*

Giuseppina Monacelli

Task Team on Hydro-Meteorological Early Warning System (TT/HMEWS)

Caroline Wittwer

Task Team on Regional Climate Outlook Forum (TT/RCOF)

Dmitry Kiktev

* The two task teams will work in close collaboration and produce a common deliverable


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