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Working Group
on Technology Development and Implementation (WG/TDI)

The Working Group on Technology Development and Implementation (WG/TDI) has been established by the XV Session of RA-VI (Brussels, September 2009) through its Resolution 6.

The major focus of WG/TDI is on the WMO Strategic Plan Expected Results:

ER 1

Enhanced capabilities of Members to produce better weather forecasts and warnings

ER 4

Integration of WMO observing systems

ER 5

Development and implementation of the new WMO Information System

WG/TDI - Composition

Jochen Dibbern (Germany)


Matteo Dell'Acqua (France)


Chris Little (UK)

Core member

Leonid Bezruk (Russian Federation)

Core member

Laurent Perron (France)

Core member

Drago Groselj (Slovenia)

Core member

Eva Cervena (Czech Republic)

Core member

Klaus-Jurgen Schreiber (Germany)

Core member

G.-R. Hoffmann (Germany)

Core member

Task Teams
Task Team Leaders

Regional Migration to Table Driven Code Forms

Eva Cervena

Re-design of the RA-VI Regional Basic Observing
Network (TT/RRBON)

Klaus-Jurgen Schreiber

WIS Development and Implementation

G.-R. Hoffmann

Regional Meteorological Data Communication Network

Matteo Dell'Acqua

Regional Instrument Centres

Drago Groselj





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