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RA VI - Regional Plan for the Implementation of the
WMO Information System (WIS)

The WMO Sixteenth Congress (Geneva, May-June 2011) gave directives for moving WIS from a development stage into an operational stage. To achieve this transition, the Congress agreed that the WIS activities in 2012-2015 should be focused on four main areas:

  • complete WIS implementation across all WMO Centres;
  • capacity building to ensure support of all WMO Members;
  • leverage WIS advantages for all WMO Programmes; and
  • take advantage of WIS in all WMO Data Management.

Noting the directives given by Congress, the RA VI Management Group has assigned a highest priority to the implementation of the WIS in Region VI (Europe). In order to facilitate timely and harmonized implementation by all RA VI Members, a Regional WIS Implementation Plan has been developed by the Task Team on WIS Development and Implementation (TT-WIS/DI) of the Working Group on Technology Development and Implementation (WG-TDI). The Plan has been approved by the President of RA VI, Mr Ivan Cacic and is made available to all Members through this webpage.












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