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RA VI Workshop
on the Implementation of the
WMO Information System (WIS)

The WMO Sixteenth Congress (Geneva, May-June 2011) gave directives for moving WIS from a development stage into an operational stage. To achieve this transition, the Congress agreed that the WIS activities in 2012-2015 should be focused on four main areas:

  • complete WIS implementation across all WMO Centres;
  • capacity building to ensure support of all WMO Members;
  • leverage WIS advantages for all WMO Programmes; and
  • take advantage of WIS in all WMO Data Management.

Noting the directives given by Congress, the RA VI Management Group has assigned a highest priority to the implementation of the WIS in Region VI (Europe). In this regard, the main objective of the Workshop is to foster the WIS implementation by RA VI Members and contribute to the development of a coordinated regional WIS implementation plan.

The workshop will address:

  • the regional WIS structure – designation and operations of the Global Information System Centres (GISC), Data Collection and Production Centres (DCPC) and National Centres (NC);
  • functional and technical capabilities to be developed by Members in accordance with their role in the WIS infrastructure;
  • benefits for the NMHSs from the WIS functionalities;
  • capacity building needs for the implementation of WIS at sub-regional and national level.

In addition, the Workshop will provide opportunities for demonstration of WIS functionalities by the RA VI leading centres (GISCs and DCPCs) as well as technical solutions provided by relevant members of the industry.

Information related to the Workshop

WMO Focal Points:

Mr Dimitar Ivanov
Chief, Regional Office EUR
e-mail : DIvanov[at]
fax : +41 22 730 8143

Ms Natalia Berghi
Programme Officer EUR
e-mail : NBerghi[at]
fax : +41 22 730 8047

WIS Demonstration Focal Point:

Mr Timo Pröscholdt
WMO Information Systems Branch
e-mail: tproescholdt[at]
fax: +41 22 730 8021

NIMH Focal Point:

Ms Tatiana Spassova
Head, International Affairs
National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

e-mail: tatiana.spassova[at]
fax : +359 2 462 4682











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