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Results of the RA VI Survey (2012/2013)

This Survey was conducted through a Questionnaire prepared by the RA VI Task Team on Strategic and Operating Plan (TT/SPAP) which reports to the RA VI Management Group. The main objective of the Questionnaire was to collect basic information about the current institutional arrangements of hydrometeorological services in RA VI, as well as, the views of the RA VI Members regarding the most important challenges and priorities. The information collected will help the Management Group and Secretariat to prepare a detailed RA VI Panorama as a background material for the discussions during the XVI Session of RA VI (September 2013, Helsinki, Finland).

The Survey was conducted on-line during the period December 2012 – March 2013 (with some individual responses collected after the deadline). The total number of responses received is 47 from 46 RA VI Members (92% of the total number of Members.

The Survey summary is available here.

The Questionnaire is still available here.











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